Ivey Flashback 1

In Ivey’s Flashbacks, these are videos with no new words added, all the speaking is that from the original footage. These are sort of bonus videos, they’ll be released every now and than, sometimes they’ll be TMNT related, sometimes they won’t.

The first episode of “Ivey’s Flashback” was filmed on Saturday, June 5th, 2004. The first of three days of filming for “Totally Obsessed”. This was after a 3 hour long interview done up in my bed room. It is the scene where I wear my Turtle costume to spar my brother.

The full match is here, true it’s sped up but there was no other way to fit it all into one episode. This is the first time the video is released anywhere, other than the edited version that VH1 put on the show. In this video you also get to see the camera crew.

So welcome to the first release of behind the scene footage from “Totally Obsessed” I have a lot more that will be released. Some through “Ivey’s Flashbacks” and some through “Cowabunga Corner”.


Music: “Dreamers Overture” by JT Bruce

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