Ivey Flashbacks 2


This episode the video was recorded in November 1990 as my dad made a Krang puppet, we called a hall costume. It’ll sit on our shoulders as we walk around and the mouth moves.

I was very lucky to grow up with my dad and his artistic talent. Michiganers know my dad from his work on a TV show called “The Ghoul” back in the 1970′s & 1980′s. The last few years my dad now works on a TV show called “Wolfman Mac’s Chriller Drive-in”. You can find a little bit of both of these shows here on youtube, and if you have the RTV (Retro Television) network you can watch Wolfman Mac at 10pm on Saturday.

Krang is one of my favorite characters from the original cartoon series. So it was great to have this puppet. You can see when Krang leaves our family in “Cowabunga Corner” #5, as we give this same Krang to Kevin Eastman at the opening party for the new location of the Words & Pictures Museum.

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