Ivey's Flashback #4

Hey everyone,

Here is Ivey Flashback #4, in this episode we share the first part of the interview with my folks, David and Claudia Ivey, from June 5th, 2004 as VH1 “Totally Obsessed” was filming.  In time we will have this full interview up for everyone to see.  So people can say what my parents really have to say about my fandom.

When VH1 came that weekend they had us believing this was going to be a serious interview that shared my real story.  Though what ended up airing on TV was a very well edited show that made me look crazier than I am.  Not using some of the interviews with people, because they only had good things to say about me.  Over all the VH1 show was fun to be part of, though it was disappointing that they did not find my real story entertaining enough for their show.

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Title & End Credits: Phoenix
Video: Michele
Starring David and Claudia Ivey
Interview hosted by the VH1 “Totally Obsessed Crew”

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