Making of Cowabunga Corner Season 3

Cowabunga Corner Season 3 was a total blast to make!  I cannot thank everyone enough for all the time they put into it.  This season was the first time where we had almost as many interviews as we did reviews, which did really surprise me as that was not something I thought was going to ever happen.  I’d like to share a little bit about the behind the scenes of Cowabunga Corner Season 3 for everyone that was with us for this amazing ride.

After doing the first two seasons of Cowabunga Corner, I learned that I needed to film the show in advance, plan out each episode and when they were going to air.  This did not take long as I keep a long list of episodes that I want to do, a mixture of requests from viewers and topics that mean a lot to me.  I go through those and line them up to either date or episode number where I think they’ll fit.  Though the planning may seem easy at first for me, as I have too many topics for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I never know what could happen to change my layout of episodes, and Season 3 had some major changes in it’s original schedule.

Originally, when I was going out west I was only suppose to be in Los Angels for a few weeks, not a few months.  So there were a lost less interviews planned for Season 3.  I knew I was meeting up with Townsend Coleman, Pat Fraley, Renae Jacobs, Robbie Rist, Michelan Sisti, Kenn Scott and Steven Ho.  So I had all of those planned into my schedule.  Though, before leaving on the West Coast trip, I took the time to sit down and film over half the season of reviews, in two sittings with Star coming over to work the camera.

Each time I film an episode, I make sure to do a set up that matches the topic, change my shirt and even do my hair a little different so it doesn’t just feel like one long episode by watching them back to back.  I keep a handful of notes nearby for things that I want to touch upon, including which episode is suppose to be next.  Though because in the past we learned that I may change the episode order, I say two goodbyes to the camera; one saying “Next week on Cowabunga Corner” and the other saying “We’ll see you next time on Cowabunga Corner”.   Each episode can take anywhere between 40 minutes to two hours to film, depending on bloopers, how much I have to say about the topic, or back ground noises.  Once the episodes are filmed, I convert them over to a file that my editor, Phoenix, can use and send them her way.  This is usually the last time I see an episode till it’s done.

Though there are the episodes with the old video footage, which appear every five episodes.  These episodes I need to find the old footage for and sit down and edit myself.  Some of the videos could be anywhere from 4 to 10 hours of footage for me to sort through and narrow down to a 20 minute to 40 minute video.   And a lot of this older footage is found on old mini VHS tapes from our camcorder.  So I get to sit for hours sorting out those videos.  Finding the right tapes, transferring them onto my computer, going through and cropping it down, and then recording the voice.  I send the voice recordings to Phoenix, as different files from the video in case there’s anything she needs to fix, like matching up the voices to the lips of the old sound files.  These videos are a lot of work, but end up turning out to be a lot of fun.  Examples of these videos is the visit to “Mirage Studios”, the making of “Totally Obsessed”, “Turtle Con 2000”, and “Words and Pictures opening party”.   These usually end up being some of my favorite episodes.

Now that I got the video footage sent to Phoenix, it’s time to go out and get the footage for episodes that I can not film up in the Sewer loft.  The interviews.  Before going out west, I contacted the people I wanted to do interviews with and set up scheduled meet-ups at their choice of locations.  I would go to each location and film during the scheduled time and head out.  Though as we met people, more names and people became open for us to interview.  And more events got my attention to where I postponed my trip home.  Instead of leaving August 1st, I was in LA into September, which means I was there when we started to upload the early episodes of Cowabunga Corner Season 3 to the channel.

This was a bit harder for me, since the computer that I fix the video files over on is my desktop.  So we had some episodes early on that had flashes of color because we were changing our videos different.  Though the episodes still turned out good even with that glitch.  And in the mean time I met up with more amazing and cool people that was not originally planned to be interviewed.  To our surprise, I met up with so many awesome actors that Season 4 of Cowabunga Corner is just as full as Season 3 and we have not yet filmed any interviews this year for the show!  Any interviews filmed this summer will be for Season 5 of Cowabunga Corner.

Once returning home from Los Angels, I had to film the other episodes for the later half of the season.  Though by this time I had so many other things going on that it was personally a struggle to get time for filming.  My sister, Miki, took over as the camera person.   I had event after event with Detroit Fanfare, New York City Comic Con and Youmacon.  And once those were done I went into two surgeries for my RSD!   A lot of the episodes near the end of the season was filmed between surgeries, so I was in a lot of pain but knew after the second surgery was going to be Christmas, New Years and two trips right away.  That was my last chance to really film.

Overall Season 3 of Cowabunga Corner was a lot of hard work.  With touch ups on what we were doing everyday, and contacting people to make sure everyone knew when their episodes were going to be uploaded.  I realized with Season 3 that Cowabunga Corner has become a full time job.  And I love it!

I know it’s going to be a wait for Season 4 coming this July, though I want to promise to everyone that we will keep working during this time.  Just because the main blog is taking a break does not mean we are!  With Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shell Shock opening up on March 17th, the Michigan Action Figure Expo bringing me in as a guest, and two other conventions this month, we will keep bringing updates and videos to everyone!  And I have to get Season 4 filmed before July, as I leave late June on my next big adventure to the west coast!  Who will we interview this time?

I personally want to thank everyone who’s been watching our blog, taking part in comments and feedback.  Thanks to everyone who shares our video with your friends!  Thanks to everyone who has joined us at events to be interviewed! Thanks those awesome friends who’ve let us crash at their place during our travels!  Without all of you, Cowabunga Corner would not be still going!  It takes all of us to keep this fun!  So stay with us and bring your friends for more adventures through the rest of 2012 and beyond!

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Not sure which of my Turtle drawings you're referring too.. seeing as how I don't have a drawing on this page.

awesome drawing! the TMNT were peprahs my first sketching specialty back when I was in third grade!A few questions, if I may ask:1- does PS have an outer glow feature similar to Illustrator? I want to say I've checked a few times with no luck. I'm referencing the golden aura around the turtles. Of course, I'm sure there are various other ways to acheive that effect (drop shadow with zero x/y displacement, peprahs), but am just curious.2- I notice in many of your pieces you have a characteristic grey-purple shading color that you use (evident on the underside of Leonardo's left leg, for instance). At first I thought this might be some blending mode, but I'm guessing now it might have to do with the purple background layer you color on top of (as seen in the Witch video). Could you shed light on this, peprahs? Thanks!