Meeting Fans across Country

Traveling the country in 2009 was a dream trip.  I was getting to meet Turtle Fans in every state along the way, answering questions at the bus when people had Turtle questions, seeing fans of all ages coming to see the Tour bus.  I only wish I was working officially with the tour.  But, it was a wild and crazy trip I will never forget.  Though there was something weird for me on this trip, and that was how many people knew who I was.

Now 2009 is still a year before I started “Cowabunga Corner”, it was five years since the VH1 show aired.  And yet as I went across country, every state, every city I went to, people knew me.  Even at rest areas people would come up asking “Are you the Turtle Girl?”, so now I’d like to share some of these fan stories from across the United States in 2009.

At the Empire State Building in April 2009, the Turtles were there to light it green.  On my way to see this, I noticed the Turtle Bus outside for my first time.  I was looking at it from across the street, though I was noticed by one of the workers with the bus.  They knew who I was and told me about the different Turtle events to go to for that day.  It was really cool to get to talk to them, and even more cool that they knew who I was.  That was the beginning of the trip, and only the start of people knowing me.

In Chicago, we were at Navy Pier for the Turtle event and there were a lot of people there.  This was the best set up for the Turtle Tour, the only thing that could of made it better was if they had all four Turtles.  We had fireworks going off by the bus every night.  ATA was putting on Karate Demos through the day, with a lot of weapon displays and such.  Though even with how busy this was, a group of Turtle fans noticed me walking around there.  I mainly sat at a table off near the back of the bus, because of how windy it was.  They did come up and ask me if I was the Turtle Girl.  They got their photos with me.  I was starting to get amused as I was also noticed in PA and Detroit.

Though in St. Louis, it was not at a Turtle event where I was really noticed.  I was with a few other Turtle fans, about a half hour away from the event.  We went out for dinner and three of us at the table was decked up in Turtle clothes.  Miki was the only one not wearing anything TMNT at the table.  One of the workers kept walking by and looking at us, as he kept the tables around ours clear. He finally came up and asked if we went to the Turtle event that day.  I said yes and gave him one of the pins they were giving out at the bus.  He thanked me and went back to work.

A little bit later a guy came up to me, holding a camera.  “Excuse me, my friend is a fan of the Turtle Girl and he’d like to know if he could have his photo with you”.  I said yes and got up from the table, to my surprise staff from the kitchen and the wait staff came around me for a group photo.  Looking around this place they had celebrity pictures on the wall with their staff. I don’t feel like I fit into that area, but still found it funny.  Often I wonder if I go back, will that photo be there?

When driving in Texas, Miki and I stopped at a rest area.  It was the welcome center, we went for a walk on a path they had of bridges with statues of different swamp creatures they have down there.  Including a few turtles.  As we were leaving, some guy got excited seeing me.  He knew me by name, and wanted a photo to prove he met me.  Saying his friends would never believe him.  We took the picture and I went on my way for another funny event to happen in Texas.

This time it was at the Turtle Bus, anyone who went to this event knows that all of us there were being tortured by the heat.  I felt sorry for the two guys running the bus because of the set up they had.  There was no shade, it was over 110 degrees with 100% humidity, a nightmare for all of us.  So I would go into the bus to get out of the sun and sit down on the small passenger seat near the exit.  As people would come into the bus, I’d say “If you have any questions about the Turtle stuff on the bus, feel free to ask and I’ll try to answer”.

Two guys came onto the bus and heard me say this... they got over to me and held up their cell phone with a question... “Is this you?”  I looked at the screen as there was a photo of me from “Totally Obsessed” I busted up laughing, saying yes.  That had to be one of the most creative ways someone asked me who I am.  I talked with them for awhile at the bus, answering any questions they had, which was all about me, not the bus or products on the bus at all.

In Vegas, some guys came up to me at one of the stops knowing who I was.  They got their photos with me, and even wanted pictures with some of the different TMNT stuff that I was traveling with.  We hung out with these guys the rest of that day, including going out for pizza after the event was over.  These fans even stayed in touch with us for a little after the trip was over.

Though the funniest reaction of all goes to one in Hollywood, at the Golden Apples Comic Book store.  I had a few friends there, one of which included Michael Sinterniklaas.  For those who don’t know, Michael was Leonardo in the 4Kids Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Series.  I’ve been friends with Michael since 2003, and when I learned the information about where the Turtles were going to be while in Hollywood I sent Michael a message letting him know in case he wanted to meet up.  I was very happy when he arrived.  So we were standing around in the shop just starting to catch up when a guy came up to us.  He was very excited, at first I thought he knew who Michael was, but no, it was someone fanning me.

He knew who I was, and was really excited.  He handed Michael his stuff to hold as he said hi to me, and then asked Michael to use his camera so he could have a picture of me and him together.  I didn’t say who Michael was, because I saw how amused Michael was with all of this.  We talked for a little bit and he went on his way, then Michael had to share a story when he had something happen like that at a party where he was being fanned when someone more famous was standing near him.

I met many, many others along the way, these are just a few of the stories that really stood out.  If you do see me out at a store, rest area, convention or any other type of public place feel free to say hi.  I always enjoy meeting fellow Turtle fans!  Though do remember, I am just a fan myself.  I just am a really loud fan.

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