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News broke out that went around yesterday for the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie produced by Michael Bay.  On his blog he wrote the simple line of “TMNT: We Are Bringing Megan Fox Back Into The Family”  So this bit of news jumped all around, with people jumping to the conclusion that she is going to be “April O’Neil”.  The fact that she is going to be April or not is just rumor for now.  Of course that would be the leading female role in the film, so please note that until further notice of being confirmed as April, this is just a rumor.  Here is my thoughts on this subject.

When the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movies came out, I had no clue who Judith Hoag or Paige Turco was.  They were just names brought onto a movie I wanted to see.  Nor did I care about their past as actress.  All I cared was that the character in those movies stayed true to who I knew her as.  A reporter who was friends with the Ninja Turtles.  As I got older I found April played other roles like in the Mirage Comics.  So she did not have to be a reporter, that is unless it is a sequel to the other films where she was a reporter.

So the 2007 movie came out, one that at the end of the movie shows a display case that has things from the other movies in it, showing it was a sequel.  April was not a reporter and no mention of what happened to that job.  This time she was voiced by actress Sarah Michelle Gellar, and well I knew the name from Buffy.  A TV series my family watched more than I did, I figured as long as she’s playing April it’s not going to matter what she did before.  Though her character of April came off to me as “April The Vampire Slayer”.  The writers wrote April to be lot like Buffy, including her living style being all clean and neat.  Nothing like our April in the previous movies.  So I ended up not liking her too much and felt she was pulled out of character because of the name attached.

Now this rumor of Megan Fox being April, I stand where I stood with the other actress who’ve taken on this role.  Knowing little to nothing about her.  I saw the first Transformer Movie once in theaters.  Never saw any of the other films, and looking over her IMDB page I don’t know any of these other movies either.  I see the reactions of upset fans, who remember her.  Who knows who she is.  Who knows her acting skills.  Which makes me hope that she’s got a smaller role than April O’Neil.  I’ve read how Michael Bay and her did not get along because of an outburst from her on set.  But I only just learned of this because of the April O’Neil rumor.  So I don’t know how far that went or anything.   In all reality I have no opinion of my own to share of Megan Fox.  Besides that her role in Transformers first movie was not something I even remember, same can be said about that movie as a whole.  I just know I saw it.

Honestly with me though, I don’t care that much for most versions of April O’Neil.  The best Movie actress so far was Judith Hoag, at least that's how I felt.  The best versions of her has been the 2003 series and now the IDW Comics.  As a kid I felt she was a plot device to always get in trouble, more than she was help for the guys.  I wanted her to learn to fight back.  Which we saw in the Archie Comics first.  Not saying I hated or really disliked April, just that she was not the lead to me.  She’s a supporting character.  And after the letdown that the 2007 movie of April was, I would not be surprise if we’re let down again.

I could hope for a better role as more of the TMNT universes are working at making her a stronger character.  With Nickelodeon having Splinter train her and IDW has April training under Casey and being one of the main planners for the group.  I can hope that the new writers gives whoever the next April is, a chance to be more than just someone to be rescued.  We will just have to wait and see.

Am I going to dig into Megan Fox is?  No.  I did not do that for Sarah Michelle Gellar, I will not do that for Megan Fox unless she does become April and impresses me when I see the movie.  I do not become a fan by the role casted, I become a fan by a job well done.  Which is where I stand with Megan.

To Megan Fox:  Impress me.  If you do get the role of April O’Neil, make it worth watching.  Do the best acting job you’ve ever done.  And have her as a character fans can respect.  If you don’t, you’re not worth my time to study or research.  Not like it matters to you, I am but only one fan of the Ninja Turtles.  Though from the looks of it, there are a lot of fans you will have to impress whom are not happy with the choice of you being placed in this movie.  Prove those fans wrong.

To fellow TMNT fans, what are your thoughts of Megan Fox?  Do you even know who she is?  Have you watched her other movies?  Do you think she’ll be April O’Neil or some other role for the TMNT movie?  Please share your thoughts here!  All reviews, comments or questions are welcomed below!

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To me this information is more of the same "people in hollywood put their friends in their films" no different of how Sam Raimi puts Bruce Campbell in his films or Tim Burton with Johnny Depp. What we can say about Megan Fox based on her acting in the past is that her acting has been mostly pigeon holed as fan service for young boys who are going into puberty, that is her main strength as an actor. However the films she has done this for like "Jonah Hex" or "Jennifer's Body" we have noticed that they didn't make as much money back as wanted on the release, and the most financially successful Transformers movie in the series, is the one made after she was replaced... So she is not a favored actor that pulls an audience.
On top of that, I have seen no acting range in her performances. Aside from appealing with her flirtation, she has never demonstrated that she can do any vocal talent. So for her to loose her southern accent to do the New Yorker accent needed for this character is looking not so good.
This just screams bad news to me, and more annoyingly not the news I care about in the film. I mean have they even casted the MAIN CHARACTERS for the film, like the voice talent for the turtles? Let alone have they addressed the script problems that put the project on hold in the first place?
In summary, this news is stupid and unimportant hype for the film compared to other desired information, and only serves to piss people off. The only reason we are all talking about this, is that this shows no duty of care is being taken with the franchise as they want to cast people they like, rather than people who would fit the role.

From the very moment Bay took over this project, I couldn't help but think TMNT would be the new Dragon Ball Evolution .. And every choices made from the beginning of this adventure make me think no different (except involving WETA).
Fox is a model, not an actress. In the Transformers movies, she's nothing but a plain token .. It was embarrassing to watch. It's obvious that she has only been tough to look at the camera eyes half closed, and mouth half open. April O'Neil is a very modern, independent women, she's stubborn, adventurous and kind of complex. How in the world is Fox gonna be able to express any of these .. or anything at all for that matter ?! There is hundred of different cast choices possible that would have been a lot more interesting ..
I'm still hoping but it's hard to keep the faith.

It's confirmed that she's playing April now. As for my thoughts, well, pretty much what you said. I could care less who plays April, just as long as they don't make any drastic changes to her character.

I've really tried to be optimistic about this movie, but with each bit of info we get about I become less interested in seeing it. Originally I was adamant about waiting to see a trailer before I made any judgements of the film, but now unless there are drastic changes I doubt I will see it. First we had Michael Bay's involvement, then the Aliens angle, and now Megan Fox. I have absolutely nothing against Megan Fox, but I've seen 3 of her films including Transformers 1 and 2 and This is 40 and the only reason she gets movie roles is because she is hot. She has no acting talent to speak of at all. April in any incarnation is intelligent, resourceful, and is willing to help the Turtles no matter what. I just don't see any of that in casting Megan Fox. I remain optimistic that Paramount will look at the reaction Bay's choices are receiving from the fan base and pull him from the movie and go back to the drawing board.