Merry Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas everyone!  What a great day in the year for family and friends to spend together.  A Holiday that brings cheer just about everywhere  you go.  Here we’ve worked to show as much TMNT products as we could get up in hopes to help with Holiday gift ideas.  We hope that everyone enjoyed our mad rush of TMNT product reviews, we got more to go, but not today.  Today is about sharing life.

The photo above is Loki and Lucy, they went to see Santa Clause for a photo, and wore their weekend best clothes.  In the photo they are looking at me.  This is our favorite photo taken this Holiday Season, so I wanted to share it with everyone here.  Loki and Lucy have been members of our family since 2013, and are little bundles of joy.

For Christmas I want to give something to our viewers who come here.  My gift is another memory from my life.  This is the story of Leo.

In High School I use to do a lot of art classes.  Including a few independent study classes.  One of which I found myself working with a lot of clay.  Making different animals and trying new stuff all the time.  I remember talking with one of the art teachers when trying to decide on one of the projects I was doing, and my plan was a large cat.  A lion or a Tiger.  After talking things out, we discussed the type of claw and the lack of a frame inside, and she suggested that I made a Lion. 

I started working hard on my lion.  Everyday I would go to school, excited to see how it was taking form with each class.  And every night when I’d go home, I would do my daily phone call to my Grandma, telling her about this lion I’m working on.  As the progress went on, I was so proud of how he was turning out. 

When the lion was done, I wanted to do something with it.  One of my favorite pieces of work that I did during High School, and it needed a good home.  Which is when I decided the best home that my lion could really have, was with my Grandma.  I remember the shock when she opened the present on Christmas morning, finding him in the box.  She asked me what his name was, and I told her that it would be up to her.

I remember being a bit in shock when her sister spoke up with the name “Leo”.  My Grandmother agreed, and named the lion Leo.  I laughed as my head went towards Ninja Turtles, only to learn that Leo is the name of the MGM Lion that was used for a long time for their Logo.  Making it so the lion that I made had a name that didn’t just relate back to one of my favorite subjects, but also to the world of Entertainment.

My Grandma had Leo in her living room.  I remain proud of how he turned out to this day.  She passed away in 2003, and Leo returned to me.  I kept his name.  And when I look at him, I remember all the great conversations and how happy he made her that Christmas morning.  One of my favorite gifts I ever gave her, as he came from my heart.

That is one of my fond Christmas memories from the mid 1990’s.  I wanted to share it, as sometimes the best gift you can share is that from your own life.  When I see Leo, he often reminds me that the best gifts can’t always be found in a store.  But come from the heart.  I hope everyone enjoyed learning about Leo.

One more thing for Christmas is a throw back story.  For those looking for a bit more TMNT, click here for my review of “We Wish You a Turtle Christmas”.

What is your favorite Christmas gift that you’ve ever given to someone?  And what made it stand out above the others?  Please share your memories, questions and comments down below.

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