Michele Ivey’s “Cowabunga Corner” #37

In this episode I talk about the TMNT 2007 movie. This movie came out in March 2007 as the first CGI TMNT Movie. With a lot of high hopes from the fans from the images that was scene before hand, we all had to go in and see what was done for us.

Though the movie had a lot of great sides to it and was really fun to watch with good animation, designs for the non human characters, and actions scenes. There was something lacking from the earlier movies. This is not to say I didn't like the movie as I did go to see it 52 times at the main theater, and the first time I saw it I flew my mother and I out ot Hollywood for the premiere on March 17th. My last time seeing it at the main theaters was the day it left the theaters which was May 5th where I threw an open party invite from my myspace page and was giving out Turtle goodies to those who came to the theater for that showing. There wasn't too many of us, but those that did come had fun.

I have a lot more to say about this movie than what is spoken about in this one episode of Cowabunga Corner. Though I feel I had to get where I stand about the full movie out as a whole before focusing on scenes, characters, and plot to the fullest of details. I do to this day feel the movie could of been a lot better if a certain fight scene was not 'forced' into the movie. It shoved the real story line into the back ground and made it so Mike & Don were even side characters instead of equals. Even though Raph and Leo fought in other movies and shows, I never felt the other two were so over shadowed in one story line like they were here.

Want to know more, check out the video above than feel free to share your views. I'd love to hear them!

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