Michele Ivey's "Cowabunga Corner" #32

In this episode I talk about New York City Comic Con, an event I’ve been going to since it started that takes places in New York City once a year. Filled with comics, anime, and more. I normally enjoy this event and there’s always something Ninja Turtles happening there for fans to enjoy.

This is an over view of all of the years, I will be doing blogs focusing on certain events that has happened at New York City Comic Con that Turtle fans may enjoy. I am sorry, though I will never post a full panel, though I will post pieces of panels that I feel fits to Cowabunga Corner.

If you’ve gone to New York City Comic Con, please share your thoughts of the event! If not, hope you enjoy this video and it gives you a feel of what the event is like.

Edited by: Phoenix

Camera Person: Star

Music: “Every Little Piece” by Farmertan

Website: http://www.cowabungacorner.com/

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