Michele Ivey's "Cowabunga Corner" #35

In this episode I share footage from a birthday party that I performed at in May 1991, for my school teacher's son. The hardest part about this party is that he KNEW who I was. So right away he's saying lines like "Hi Michele". Talk about a hard party. On top of that I already did other parties that day, and it was so hot outside. A lot of challenges turned out to be a lot of fun!

If I was to play favorites, this is my favorite school teacher I ever had. He encouraged my drawing and even realized where I was having problems and would work with me to help me through the issues I had in school. He was a great teacher, and got his real dream a few years later to become a full time gym teacher.

Most parties did not turn out like this one did, as this is the only time I had to ever figure out how to get the Birthday kid to not believe it's me, it's the only time the shell ever started to fall off of the costume during the party, and it's the only party where I got to hang out with the costume characters out of costume. Or where the kids would so throw me off of my lines.

I hope everyone enjoys this footage. I know I really did enjoy being the Turtle for these parties back in the early 90's. My line now is... "Man I miss being a Turtle"

Please feel free to comment... did you ever do parties for kids? Did you ever see a costumed Turtle at a party, theater or store? Tell us about your time with someone dressed up as a Turtle.

Edited by: Phoenix

Camera person: Dave Ivey

Music: "Knock Me off my Feet" by Spatial Unity

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