Michele Ivey's "Cowabunga Corner" #55

Welcome to episode 3 of "Cowabunga Corner" Season 3. I know we normally do older video footage for every five episodes of Cowabunga Corner, though by being out in Los Angels for so long this summer we were not able to pull this off for this week. For this week we are bringing you a video about my collection of original art work pages from the Image TMNT Comics.

I started this collection in July 1997 when I first met Gary Carlson, Frank Fosco and Andrew Pepoy at Chicago Comic Con with a handful of other TMNT fans who also bought some art work. They were all really awesome to meet. I am a big fan of the Image Comics, and letters can be found from me as well as some other TMNT fans through the letter pages of those comics. It was a fun series that kept us on our toes.

I hope everyone enjoys getting to see what I can show, at some point I will get good pictures or scans of this art work to post on my Collector's Quest profile to share.

Editing: Phoenix
Camera: Star
Host: Michele Ivey
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