Michele Ivey's "Cowabunga Corner" #66

Hey Everyone! Welcome to episode 14 of “Cowabunga Corner” season 3. In this episode I get to interview Kenn Scott, better known by Turtle fans as Kenn Troum.

Kenn wore the lead Raphael costume for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 : The Secret of the Ooze. In the first Ninja Turtle movie Kenn was a Foot Solider who played some important roles including the nunchuck scene competing against Michaelangelo. He got promoted to being Raphael’s stunt double when the original stunt double for Raph was hurt.

Kenn was nice enough to take a few minutes of his time to talk with us about his work on the Ninja Turtle films. We met at Muay Thai America Gym in North Hollywood, CA.

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Editing: Phoenix
Host: Michele Ivey
Guest: Kenn Scott
Camera: Miki Ivey
Location: Muay Thai America Gym http://www.MuayThaiAmerica.net

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