Michele Ivey's "Cowabunga Corner" #70

Welcome to episode 18 of Cowabunga Corner Season 3. In this episode a group of TMNT fans are at the Words & Pictures Museum for a Good Bye party to the Museum from the TMNT fans. The Museum Staffers, were nice enough to let our group host the party during closed hours, the day after an event took place at the Museum that a handful of us came to see.

We just got notice that the Words & Pictures Museum was closing down and one of the things I enjoyed to do was getting people to go to this Museum. So I sent out messages across the TMNT-L mailing list, yes this was before message boards, about the closing of the Museum. Getting a handful of good friends from the internet to show up, some of which can still be found in the TMNT fandom to this day.

I set it up so that I could throw a TMNT party, which was my first time doing a Turtle party since we went out of business in 1993. I had to teach a good friend to play Bebop, sorry the camera ran out of tape right before Bebop came in. I may post at some point the rehearsal that we did on teaching my friend to play him. We got some funny footage.

Since most of us were from the internet a lot of us took part in goofing off with roleplays and such. So there are some online jokes thrown through this party. Our camera person is Raphael on TMNT-L, and in our IRC roleplay. TurtleNinja is a member of TMNT-L, and was in the IRC RP at this time her character was married to Donatello, Brent, Lacitar and Savanti were also part of TMNT-L and the IRC roleplay. Of course Phoenix was part of everything as well, and is now the Cowabunga Corner lead editor and Website designer, also one of our Movie reviewers. So when you hear us goofing around, a lot of our jokes is based off of the RP.

Prizes for this party was provided from Molly Bode of Mirage Studios. Including Grab bags, table cloth, plates, napkins and more. My family provided the games, cake and other food. Including home made TMNT chocolates that were put in the grab bag.

I hope everyone enjoys this video, mixing two of the things I really have enjoyed sharing. Me in costume doing a full scale party and my favorite Museum, The Words and Pictures Museum.

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Editing: Phoenix & Michele
Host: Michele Ivey
Old footage:
Camera: TMNT-L Raphael
End Video:
Camera: Miki Ivey
Guest: Steven Ho
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Next Week on Cowabunga Corner: Interview with Donatello's Stunt double from TMNT 2 & 3, Steven Ho.

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