Michele Ivey's "Cowabunga Corner" #74

Welcome to epsiode 22 of Cowabunga Corner Season 3. In this episode I got to interview fans that went to San Diego Comic Con International, New York City Comic Con and a few other places. We got nine great people for this interview. This time the interviews were taken at such different times, that only a few are done in the same location. Most of which at people's homes. One even in a car ride.

I've always enjoyed learning about more fans out there, meeting fans, and sharing stories. With 9 fans in one blog, we don't get to go deep into their stories of their fandom, though it's nice to hear their insight in these few questions we gave them.

A little about the fans interviewed and how they were choosen to be part of this. Amber is a friend that went to high school with me, through her we got Ezi & Alessio. Cynlee is a member of TMNT-L and a good friend, through her I met Hamato Kameko. Buslady is a long time friend online, known on many of the fan sites. Kyle I met in 2009 at Comic Con international and been friends with on facebook since. Slash I've known for a few years now, she flys in from Sweden to go to events with me. And lastly Shell Shock Prime I met at New York City Comic Con for a brief moment, he's friends with one of my other internet friends, Leonardo Mystic. He was the only one I asked for an interview on the spot.

Not everyone was interviewed at the same time, we got people to do the interviews as their freetime allowed. We're willing to work with anyone on setting up time for interviews.

If you'd like to be interviewed by Cowabunga Corner, just watch for any of our upcoming events on either our website or Facebook fan page. Both of these areas will keep people up to date on events that Cowabunga Corner will either be at or taking part in. Anyone going to Michigan Action Figure Expo, Motor City Comic Con, San Diego Comic Con International, Detroit Fanfare or NYC Comic Con 2012 can start letting us know if they'll like to be interviewed now.

I hope everyone enjoys learning about some of our fellow TMNT fans!

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Next week on "Cowabunga Corner" a fan tour of Mirage Studios from 1999.

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Very nice-- you sure could hear my windchimes when Jessica was being interviewed!