Movie Review: Foot Loose 2011

A remake of another 1980’s movie, “Footloose” is coming to the theaters this month.  I’ve had the chance to get a sneak peek at this movie, and wanted to share my thoughts.  While I know I saw the original version of this movie at some point in my life, it’s not something fresh on my mind so this review is about the new film only.  A film that I felt they did really good on.

The movie starts off with a dance going on, a bunch of teenagers drinking and dancing, having a blast with loud music going.  A lot of really good dancers.  This dance takes place through the beginning credits as we get to see a lot of different moves, though once the dance is over five of these teenagers are in a car accident and the fun tone the movie started off with is done.   As we hear the city releasing a lot of new rules upon their citizens, 18 and under now having a new curfew, no loud music, and no public dances besides for ones heavy with parent guardians.

Three years later a young man, Ren comes into town to live with his Aunt and Uncle.  He just went through loosing his mother and this part of his family was nice enough to take him in.  His personality is fun, he’s got a bit of a wit to him, though he’s not a bad guy.  His Uncle gives him an old VW Bug to fix up for a car to get to school and find a job, he also gets Ren a job interview.  When Ren fixes up the car he doesn’t really know the laws of this town so he adds loud speakers to the back and goes for a ride with his music loud only to get pulled over.  This is the start of Ren’s problems in town.

The story goes on as Ren learns what happened in this town, he makes some friends.  Willard becomes his best friend fast.  Another friend that he makes is a troubled young lady named Ariel.  Her old brother was killed in that car crash three years earlier and her father is one of the ones who placed those new laws on the town.  Ren comes up with the idea that he’s going to get the town to drop the laws against dancing.

From what I understand is the plot and music is very much that of the original film, though the movie is brought up to date.  As you see a lot of new tech and recent issues going on in the movie from iPods to mention of the Internet to mentions of the recession and the problems that the country is going through.   I liked this touch, letting those in the audience relate a bit to the people on the screen.

Kenny Wormald did a great job as Ren, as you felt for his character.  You could see he’s gone through a rough time, but he still had hopes of living a good life.  Miles Teller was Willard, which fastly became my favorite character in the film,  a fun guy who wants to enjoy life.  Not the brightest group in the friends, and shy of the fact that he didn’t know how to dance.  Though with Ren’s help he learns and gets really much into it.  He has a lot of great lines in the movie.  Julianne Hough plays Ariel, she did really well at pulling of the reblious character that Ariel is.   Over all the movie had a great cast.

The original writer from the 1984 movie, Dean Pitchford returns and is joined by Craig Brewer to bring us this new version of the play.  Craig Brewer also directed the movie, bringing to life each of the characters that made this film as good as it has become.  With the writing, directing, and acting all coming together this movie was something that made everyone at the showing I went to get pulled into the film.  There was some parts in the movie that had the full crowd in cheers of laughter, like when Willard was learning to dance.  Everyone really got into the film and that’s the sign of a great crew pulling this all together.

I did have a few favorite parts in the movie, like lines shared between Ren and Chuck when Ren gets to the race track for a challenge.  I also really enjoyed the scenes where Willard was learning to dance.  Those two scenes got me to laugh as they were really well done.

Overall I highly recommend this film to anyone who enjoys a good film about someone trying to reach a goal.  There’s action, comedy, dancing, and politics all in one film.

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That is an awesome review about Footloose for it to not be fresh in your head. I haven't seen Footloose at all. No, not new or old, I haven't seen any. My co-worker actually brought it to my attention. I thought to check out some reviews about it. SO far it looks like a movie that I would definitely like to see and I can't wait until I get it in the mail!

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