Movie Review: Green Hornet

One thing that will never get old at the theater is movie makers bringing comic book heroes to life on the big screen.  It has been going on for many years now and will keep going for years to come. Every now and then, they release a gem within all of those movies which is worth talking about and seeing over and over.  The Green Hornet, in my opinion, is one of those gems that people can enjoy as a well put together movie with great comedy, lots of action and a story line.

Personally, all I knew of the Green Hornet before I saw the movie is that it was an old TV series that co-starred Bruce Lee.  So, this review is coming from someone who does not know the comics or TV series. This review will all the point of view of a fresh viewer who will most likely become a fan from this movie.  I cannot compare it, though I can still share my likes and dislikes.

The movie starts off showing a young boy whose a fan of superheroes, though his father is too busy for him and is mad that he got into a fight to try and help someone at school.  They jump 20 years later showing the crime going down around them and showing that this boy is now a full grown adult, who doesn't really have a care in the world.
It's all about girls and parties for him.  His father is mad at him for the choices he's made with his life.  It just shows that he has no respect for his father, and with the way his dad talked to him anyone can understand that.  Soon after this, his father dies from a bee sting. Now this boy, Britt Reid, has all of his father's business dropped onto his lap.  A newspaper company.

Britt makes friends with his dad's old car guy and coffee maker, Kato. Kato shows Britt some of the stuff he was working on, cars with great gadgets attached to them.  The two of them decide to go out and have some fun, by going after a statue of Britt's father.  After removing the head, Britt sees a couple getting mugged.  So he went to be a
hero, Kato realizes this and jumps out to help as well.  Taking out the bad guys, then having a police chase. The two of them are thrilled with what they did and decide to become superheroes who are seen as bad guys.

This movie focuses on the two of them learning how to be bad guys, and working to take out the crime.  It also hows how their friendship goes through some rough times.  Britt treats Kato like he's the side kick, when Britt wouldn't be where he was without Kato.  Kato only takes so much of this before there is a real fight between the two of them.  By this time it's too late to get out of the picture as the crime leader, Chudnofsky, wants the Green Hornet dead and will stop at nothing trying to find him.

The comedy was well placed throughout the full movie and had us laughing a lot.  They really did a great job at writing both characters.  The cast was of this movie was GREAT,  Seth Rogen as Britt, Jay Chou as Kato, Christopher Waltz as Chudnofsky and Cameron Diaz as Lenore Case.  I heard before going into the movie that Seth normally plays jerks, though after seeing this movie I can see why he can really pull the part off great!

The casting director did do a great job on getting Jay Chou, he pulled the roll off perfect.  His character was fun, smart, talented and a great fighter.  Watching the fight scenes were great, and Kato made every fight scene so much better.  My favorite fight scene though is a scene that takes place between Kato and Britt, as the two of them come to blows about events going on in their life at this time. The movie really pulled off the fight scenes, though there were things through the movie that were not believable. For example, like a car riding up an elevator and half of the car being broken off. Mythbusters recently proved that it wouldn't be possible.

If you just go with it, and ignore these few times where things happen in favor of the characters which would never happen in real life, you can really enjoy and laugh at it, as they pull it off great.  Another thing in this movie that I saw was something that they showed in Iron Man 2, how little rich people care about their stuff.  Britt's stuff
gets broken a lot through this movie, though you never really hear him complain about his cars getting totally destroyed or the damage of his items during the fight scene with Kato and Britt.  It was well played out, though at the same time one can cringe during scenes like this if they stuff they enjoy just get broken without a care.

I do find it really cool to see that Seth Rogen was not just an actor in this movie, he also became part of the writing staff.  Seth worked with Evan Goldberg and put together a movie that millions of people can enjoy.  From an interview I saw there was ad libbing done as well in this movie, for some of the lines.  Though everything fit so well,
it worked out great and made the movie very enjoyable.

I hope to go back and see the movie in 3D when it comes out to the theater.  Since I have not seen the 3D version yet, I can not comment on how they did with it.  Though I can say that while watching the movie, I felt like there should be 3D to it.  It was not till watching the credits that I knew they made a 3D version.  Though January 14th
seems so far away now to wait and see this treat again.

I give this movie two thumbs up as a movie that I will buy as soon as it's released on DVD and Blu-Ray.  I hope that many others share this feeling of how great the movie is!   Thanks Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg for writing this wonderful script, and thanks to Michael Gondry for directing this to the screen!   And to everyone else who
put their hard work into making this fun action packed adventure movie!

Please feel free to comment below on how you feel about this movie, if you've seen it or not!  We would love to hear your feedback.

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