Movie Review: LEGO Movie

Last year a big surprise hit the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fandom.  The new LEGO movie trailer showed Michelangelo as one of the characters that can be seen in the movie.  Of course the only part we saw him in was when he’s introduced, so there was question if he would be in more of the movie.  While other heroes like Batman was getting a lot of screen time in the trailers.  This put the LEGO movie on my Calendar as a must see movie for 2014.  And it finally hit the theaters today.  Here is my review of the LEGO Movie!

The movie is about one man who follows all the rules, tries to get everyone to like him, but has a problem standing out and making friends.  He’s very lonely.  His name is Emmet (Chris Pratt), by chance he falls into an adventure that changes his life.  With the help of Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Banks) and Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman), Emmet is save their world from a big attack.

Another one that fights by Emmet’s side is Batman.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans may be interested in knowing that Batman is voiced by Will Arnett, a man who is also going to be in the new Ninja Turtle movie coming out this year playing the role of Vernon.  Bringing a TMNT connection to the main characters of this movie.

Now I will admit, the main reason I wanted to see this movie was to see how much Michelangelo is in the film.  I figured that we would be lucky if he makes it pass that introduction scene.  Though I was hoping for a speaking role at least.  I was glad to see he did not just disappear after the introduction, though the way he was handled was a big disappointment.  They only used him for none speaking reaction.  A fight scene breaks outs in the same area that Michelangelo is in, and you only see him running.  This would of been a neat chance to show their new Michelangelo LEGO in action, instead you watch other hero toys and new toys through the battle.  DC characters had the lead fighting roles. 

One of the parts of the film I really like is near the beginning, as there’s a huge chase scene.  I love watch Wyldstyle during this chase, how she would just build stuff from the LEGOs around her.  And Emmet driving the motorcycle was funny.  This was an epic car chase. 

Favorite character in the movie goes to Good Cop/Bad Cop.  He has issues, as he is both cops in one.  Working for the bad guy, this officer is chasing down Emmet and his crew through the movie.  Having his boss breathing down his neck, and dealing with Batman changing his police car on him while in mid chase.  A henchman worth paying attention to.

My thoughts of the movie is that it was fun.  They had a lot of jokes and lessons packed into it.  It was interesting that once one of the big plot points happened in the movie they did not forget the original story line.  I find the way they ended the movie, interesting and good.  It was something I questioned from early on in the film during a point in the film where they visit within Emmet’s mind to see how empty it is.  This gives the movie a new twist, that fans of the LEGO products can enjoy.

Their use of props in this movie was interesting.  From the big weapon, to other items that were found and displayed by the villain.  I thought that everything in the movie was going to be made of LEGO, and these few props here and there were not.  It was fun how they slowly revealed the end of the film through the entire film itself.

I give the movie a thumbs up for entertaining and fun.  Most of the guest stars were used for short amounts of time from Superman to characters from Star Wars.  Sadly Michelangelo was one of the few hero characters to show up that never spoke.  If you’re a TMNT fan just wanting to see Michelangelo’s part in the movie, wait till it’s on tv.  Though if you’re a fan of LEGO, or just love an action packed film with comedy this is a movie for you. 

Have you seen the LEGO Movie?  What is your thoughts on this film?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below.

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