Movie Review: Men in Black 3

For me, there’s not many movies out there that when the title is said their theme song gets stuck in my head.  Though this is one film where that is exactly what happens.  As soon as I hear the worlds “Men in Black”, all I can remember is that theme song that came out back in 1997.  It was so good and so cool that I will always remember that song and the original Men in Black movie lands right in that same area, very unforgettable film that stands out.  The sequel came out in 2002 and did not get as much love as the original film.  Now 10 years later they’re trying again with a new film coming out this Friday.

Men in Black 3 is about time travel, as an alien has broke free with revenge on his mind.  Locked away over 40 years ago, Boris The Animal has decided that to get his revenge he must go to the past and kill Agent K and finish the mission he failed before he was locked away.  He heads into the past and K disappears from present day as all is changed.  Agent J learns that no one else knows of K, the earth is being invaded by a race he knew to be destroyed, and the only way to stop this and save K is if he time travels to the past to go against Boris The Animal.

This film has a strong story with well placed comedy and a lot of good action.  They bring back Will Smith as J and Tommy Lee Jones as K, the two men that made the first two films so loved by the fans.  They introduce Josh Brolin as Young K, in 1969.  These three actors help make this movie a fun ride.  Though for me the actor that stole the movie was Michael Stuhlbarg as Griffin.

Griffin is a new character, one who J and K have to find to help them with their mission.  This character has a very handy talent.  He adds a new twist to the film and delivers some great lines that could get the crowd laughing.  He plays a big part in the plot, so he’s not just thrown in for laughs.

While this movie does not have all the same characters in it, characters that do not appear have nods to them.  This was something I think really helped the movie compared to the second MIB movie.  When the first movie came out people found favorite aliens that made a hit, so the second film forced strongly on those other characters which didn’t carry as well.  In this film they let those characters take a back seat, much like they were in the original film.  J and K are the main focus, which helps hold us to the story and makes this a good movie.

Boris The Animal, who prefers to just be called Boris, is a strong angry bounty hunter who is out to make Earth the picking grounds for his race to come in and destroy us all.  While locked up for 40 years, he comes up with his plan on how to get revenge.  He’s very dangerous and has some interesting skills and design.  Played by Jemaine Clement, Boris is a nice addition to the film and a real threat to both J and K.

An awesome thing with this movie is that Barry Sonnenfeld returned again to direct the film.  He has directed all three of the Men in Black movies.  Though the writers for this film are all new names Etan Cohen, David Koepp, Jeff Nathanson and Michael Soccio.  The only writing credit that remains the same through each film is for the comic by Lowell Cunningham.  Lowell released the first three comics in 1990 and that was the beginning of “Men In Black”, another successful film based off of a comic book.

To talk about any favorite parts of this film would be spoiling the movie for those who have not seen it yet.  So I will not jump at saying what was awesome.  I will say that this movie didn’t really have any major flaws for me to point out.  Even the 3D was well done and worth watching.

Overall, if you liked the original Men In Black movie, you can enjoy this film.  It’s not better than the first film, though personally I do feel this one is better and more memorable than the second movie.  With a great cast of characters, really good writing, and a director that knows the franchise, this movie is worth checking out!

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