Movie Review: Paul

Aliens, something people have thought about and declared to see for decades now.  There’s talk of strange sightings in the sky, people who swear they’ve been taken, those who’ve said they witness crashes and so much more.  So many alien stories.  Though a lot of them lead back to the idea that “Aliens are being held at Area 51”.  For TMNT fans, we’ve had this mentioned before as well. Readers of the Archie Ninja Turtle comics would remember that there was a full adventure based on this, and viewers of the 4Kids series would know that Season 4 brought Area 51 into the picture where Bishop was stationed.   So who says a story teller can’t use this as an idea of their own story, taking everything we’ve had so far and connecting it all to one source.

This is where Paul comes in.  “Paul” is a movie about an alien who crashed here decades ago and was taken to ‘the base’ which was Area 51 and thought he was a guest.  He was treated well, as the people there got what they wanted out of him.  His image was fed to the public so if his race ever did meet the human race, people would not freak out.  He even got to talk to writers and directors of movies and I’m assuming more as it shows he had a comfortable life.  Once his time was up, the government decided they got all the information they could from him alive. It was time to cut him open and learn what he could not tell them.  Now Paul is on the run, to try and go home. 

Two big fans of alien movies and comics from England made their way to the United States to do their own tour of fandom, a holiday in which they could enjoy San D Comic Con, Area 51 (well as close as you can get), The Little Alien-in, Black box and more. Clive Gollings, a wannabe writer, and Graeme Willy, an artist, have a blast going from site to site being the true fans they are.  For any fan watching this movie you can feel the vibe jump out at you, they are really enjoying themselves without fear of being judged, just having fun and enjoying life.  Though their fun ends, when they bump into Paul and the adventure begins.  Clive and Graeme are asked to save Paul’s life, all he needs is a ride to the location where he can get a lift home.

From this point it’s a hide and seek game from the Government employees out to catch them.  Jokes stretching from movie to movie from the early 80’s really worked out well in this movie.  Clive and Graeme both grew up in the early 80’s with these alien movies, so finding an alien that not only reminds them of their childhood movies, but also had the chance to work on the movies was a dream a come true.  Something the two men would of never thought to come true, and they were able to handle this while still showing their thrill of being fans.

This movie has a little bit of everything from action, chase scenes, romance, comedy and even the character growth between friendship and just how different people take to what is going on around them.  The animation of Paul is great, and he’s really a fun believable character.  This movie can make fans proud to be a part of this fandom.

For me the biggest problem that I had was how much it relied on Paul or other characters feeling that cussing was a big a deal and swearing a lot.  They were really creative with their swear words, drinking and even getting high in the movie.  While it’s okay to have some fun with this, they used a lot of swearing through the movie and it just felt unnecessary, just because someone realizes they can start swearing, does not mean they’ll have to do it in every scenes.  With it being forced so much, it just started to run dry early in the movie for me.  There was some funny scenes, but could of been better for me if they worked timing in more for it.

Another small issue I personally had was some of the scenes that were shown in the ads, I would of rather have seen for my first time in the movie.  Mainly the scene where Paul brings a dead bird back to life and eats it.  They cut it so it’s short and to the point in the ad, though in the movie there’s this pause as they show reactions to what he’s doing.  This made the scene seem a bit long since most people who’ve seen tv already knows what’s going to happen.  It was not needed in the ads to hook people to the movie and felt like a bit of a spoiler of what Paul could do.  I know I personally would of enjoyed that scene a lot more if my first time seeing it, was during my first viewing of the movie.

Other than those two things, this movie really had me.  I enjoy a good movie showing fans getting to glow in their moments.  Another movie I felt this vibe from was Galaxy Quest.  Being a big fan of something, we realize that most medias out there make fans look crazy, scary, and overwhelming.  Fans are compared to so many creepy thing, so media usually gets people to look down at those who are willing to share the stuff they enjoy with others.  It’s movies like this, which show fans as normal people just trying to have a fun time while they’re being judged by the outside world.

Overall, I enjoyed “Paul” and feel that they did a great job putting it together.  Once again Simon Pegg brought us all something to enjoy.  As Nick Frost and him wrote this movie, as well as starring in it.  They knew what they wanted as they wrote it, and portrayed it best in the movie by bringing it to life themselves.

I highly recommend this movie to anyone out there to give it a watch and see how you personally feel about it.  If you grew up as a fan of alien movies, then this is a movie for you filled with insider jokes that makes it even more fun for the ride.  Though even if you don’t know all the inside jokes, you can still enjoy the ride and comedy which was well pulled off.

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