Movie Review: Rango

A pet lizard lost on a road trip finds himself on an adventure that makes him the star of his own story. Though as this lizard does not truly know who he is himself, he goes with the flow till he’s shown just how much he’s lied to those who trusted him.  Can this lizard pull himself together and save the town of Dirt?

That’s the story line for the movie Rango, voiced by Johnny Depp.  Rango is a fun character, very well designed and played out.  You get to see that before he was free, he liked to act out his own shows.  Using what ever was with him as his cast.  While this part was a lot of fun, it did surprise me to see he was a pet lizard and wearing a shirt.  Maybe a little picky, though I always find it weird when movie puts clothes on animals without reason behind it.  Once lost, he is lead in the direction he has to go by Roadkill, as he’s told of the town of dirt.  Which is where he heads to.

The lizard with no name realizes once there that he can start over, be anyone he wants to be.  So he comes up with the name Rango and tells a lie about how he killed seven people with one bullet.  This is a full working town of animals in what is suppose to be the real world with humans who have animals as pets.  All the animals here sit up right, talk, walk and wear clothes.  By coming up with this tough out look of who he is, everyone in town watches an event which to them only proved that Rango is this tough guy and he becomes their sheriff.

The town of Dirt is having a problem though, as their water supply is disappearing.  So Rango is given the job to try and help protect the water.  Of course there’s problems along the way with this, as thieves do come for the water.  Rango is too kind hearted to realize the trouble those characters were up to.  This gives Rango another mission to find the stolen water, only to learn that the thieves did not get the water either... something else was happening, something much bigger.

The plot is clear now, Rango is to find out what really happened to the water and save this town from going under.  He’s to also find himself in this whole ordeal, is he a hero or a pet?  An actor or a lie?

Over all the movie was fun, they had some good jokes in there for people who knew stuff about Johnny Depp.  They really did work hard on the detail for the art work, the skin, the land scape, the buildings were all really well designed.  Each year, CGI is getting better.  Though with that, we’re getting more movies that is made for eye candy.  Which, at times, this movie felt like to me.  As they did have a good plot line, fun characters, and wonderful art work there was just something missing to the movie.  Something that just didn’t pull my heart into the movie as much as it could of been.

Mid-way into the movie, I start to loose interest.  I’m not sure if the plot just was moving to slow, if I was not feeling for the characters enough, or if it’s because Westerns do not normally hold my attention.  All I knew was, as much as I thought the movie looked good, I also did not feel the need to race back to the theater to see it a second time.

This is not saying that I found the movie bad at all, as I even have favorite characters.  I really do like Spoons and Waffles, two side characters that are there through most of the movie.  Waffles caught my attention the first time I saw him on the screen, his design was just really well done.  His eyes were so deep with character.   And the character of Spoons drew me in with his personality, design, and habit of playing his spoons.

I personally feel that my reaction to this movie and the lack of excitement is coming down to just how many movies are being released these days.  If this movie came out 10 or 15 years ago, when we got one or two animated features a year, it would of made a bigger impact.  Though now we get a handful of animated features through the year to where you have a lot more to judge from and look forward to.  So part of the excitement that use to come from the thrill of animation is not there anymore.   It also gives you a lot more to pair each movies to each others from, you start to expect more,  character, plots, details, so it’s harder on the film makers to do everything.

I recommend this film to animation fans, who love a lot of detail.  The art work is breath taking and makes this movie one of the fine examples of what one should look for in the art of an animated films.   To Johnny Depp fans, there’s a lot of great inside jokes and of course Johnny is the lead character.  Fans can enjoy and respect his work in this film.  And to those who just love a good Western, as this movie has that wild west feel to it.

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