Movie Review: "Star Trek: Into the Dark"

Growing up I have always known of Star Trek, it was one of those things that I would see on the TV often. While no one in my family is Trekkies, we would watch the series when they were on. I personally enjoyed Next Generation and Voyager. Though by no means would I say I’m a Trekkie or even a Trekker. It is however a fandom I can respect who have lived long and through many different versions of the series. Now these fans face a new change their path, as most versions of Star Trek go with new crews, the last movie that came out introduced a new cast picking up classic characters. Some fans embraced the new, the changes, and the cast. While others remain true to their classic series. The sequel to that movie is now coming out, and thanks to Gofobo and Fox 2 Detroit News I was able to see an advance screening of the film. Here is my thoughts on “Star Trek : Into the Darkness”.

Before I go into the film review I do want to say where I stand about cast changes and reboots. My normal fandom which I follow strongly is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles which has a comic, tv series and movie that are all very different from the next. TMNT fans watched as new casts and plot lines have been given over and over again for us to embrace. So while seeing a new cast take on Classic characters is still somewhat new to the Star Trek movies, this is not something new to the world of entertainment. Which makes it so much easier for me to sit back and enjoy the work of these actors taking on a big franchise. And I seriously find it thrilling to see them make this movie a sequel to all the others by rebooting the time stream within the movies themselves as seen in the previous Star Trek movie.

In this “Star Trek: Into the Darkness”, is about a dangerous attack upon Starfleet where lives were lost. Captain Kirk is on the mission to kill the attacker for his crimes against Starfleet. In doing so they are to go into a dangerous section of space and shoot off these highly classified missiles at their known enemy. Of course like all plans of such an attack, things go wrong and the Enterprise and her crew find themselves in a fight where they are out gunned. It is up to the crew to find their to stop a war and saves their lives all at the same time.

I went into this movie without knowing much at all about it. I barely saw trailers for it, and only after seeing some scenes in the movie did I remember that I saw some clips at San Diego Comic Con 2012. Without knowing the plot, and barely remembering the last film, the only real excitement I had about going to the movie was that it was a Star Trek film. I was hoping to see my favorite characters in action, with humor that is best delivered by the crew of the Enterprise. And I am happy to say I was not let down at all by how this movie was handled.

One of my favorite characters in Star Trek has always been Scotty, in this movie he is played by Simon Pegg whom I’ve enjoyed in many other films including “Hot Fuzz”, “Shaun of the Dead” and “Paul”. It is fun to see Simon take on the role of Scotty, as he is not someone I would’ve consider for the role I think the casting directors did a great job. As he is breathing his own life into this classic character. James Doohan was the original Scotty, I did get to see him at Motor City Comic Con a few times in the past. While Simon is not playing him as James did, I do feel that he has a way of reminding us of James, which makes me enjoy his portrayal of the character even more so.

There is one scene in this movie where James Kirk (Chris Pine) had to call Scotty to ask him for a favor. This is one of my favorite scenes in the film, as we see Scotty is really upset here. He’s letting his anger out over a few drinks and had to take a call from the very person he’s angry at. I like the way that this full call went, as Kirk had to admit that he needs Scotty. There’s well placed humor here, in a very serious moment in the film.

Another thing I think this movie did a great job with was the friendship between Kirk and Spock (Zachary Quinto). In the previous movie we saw the two of them fighting a lot, as Kirk had to work under Spock. In this movie you’re brought in seeing that the two of them are close, and just how much Kirk has grown to like Spock. This friendship holds through the movie as we see them get thrown into a lot of tight spots. Spock even has relationship issues with Uhura (Zoe Saldana) which makes for an amusing scene, once again held during a serious part of the movie.

After the movie discussing with some friends on how they felt about the movie one friend pointed out a flaw with the plot. Morgan reminded us that during a major fight scene in the movie there could've been outside help provided to the the Enterprise, though the writers left them to fight this battle without any help from Starfleet. No reason is given on why no one came to their aid. This is the biggest flaw that was really pointed out to me with the movie.

There was a lot of effects needed in this movie as they had ships blowing up, fighting on an alien planet, and showing different parts of Earth. Each area had different future type stuff going for them. I was lucky to get a screening with 3D, as they did a really good job at making the 3D part of the movie, to where it did not interfere with the plot or what you were looking at. Though added to the dept and thrill of the scenes we were seeing.

Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof were the writers given credit for this film. As a casual fan I think they did a good job. And J.J. Abrams did a great job bringing their script to life through the actors with the directing on this movie. I left this movie wanting more, knowing that if another movie was to come out by the same crew I would go see it. I am hoping that true fans of the series can enjoy the work they did as well. As the art through the movie from sets, make up, to the fine details of characters all showed a lot of care went into the making.

“Star Trek: Into the Dark” was a fun movie filled with action, comedy, and friendship. It was a film that had a team coming together to do what was needed. I personally really enjoyed the movie, as a Star Trek film. I know that if I was invited to see the movie with someone or if I bump into it on TV I would sit through another showing without a problem. At the same time I realize that this is not my normal movie type, so I do not see me going out of the way to see the movie again nor will I be buying the Bluray when it first comes out. This being said I have not bought any Star Trek series or movies on DVD or Bluray, so it is only a matter of personal taste here.

Have you seen “Star Trek: Into the Darkness”? If so what is your thoughts on this movie? Please share reviews, comments and questions below!

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Sorry you fool that way, But I think your over thinking what Star Trek is. I love Star Trek, but I understand that its just a we'll dune TV series, not a religion than you need to protect it values. I hope you can calm down & not let nostalgia cloud you judgment of this movie.

This piece of celluloid is a slap... no a spit in the face of Star Trek fans. Just like Michael Bay screwed up Transformers they absolutely killed what Star Trek's all about. Ever since Gene Roddenbury died the License has become an "Action Fest." What happened to the deep characters like Data.

Hollywood is just evil. They're killing what we grew up with. When I look at something like Into Darkness I'm reminded of Frankenstein. A big budget monster that resembles nothing of the parts it's made up from.

I just hope to look back at this "epic" and forget it exists. Hopefully you don't pay a cent on this paper tiger. And really it's just loud noises and nothing of the bliss of good natured space exploration from the OS. This movie mimics the other craptacular Avengers from last year. With stereotypical villains... that's right badly portrayed bad guys with no crisp depth like Shredder.

The original series was beautiful and harmonious. It was a joyride and even Next Generation was classic. What they've done to Star Trek is outrageous. It should be a crime to make bad Expanded Universes / Reboots!

This is a very good movie, using the right a mont of older movies & TV series. Scotty is also my favorite character of the original crew. I've seen some reviewers have some problems with this movie, but how i've seen it, its just them being Fanboys how don't like change. Have you seen the new photos on the set of the new TMNT movie?