Movie Review: Ted

Over the years cartoons got known to be something for children or family entertainment.  Though some shows have rocked that boat to remind people that animation is for people of all ages including adults.  Shows like “The Simpsons”, “Family Guy” and “South Park” have got people a bit more wary of thinking that every cartoon is for kids.  Though when you see a soft fluffy teddy bear being animated on the big screen, it’s hard to think it’s not for children.  Which leads us to a new movie coming to theaters this week, “Ted”.

A young boy named John did not have many friends and for Christmas when he was 8 years old John wished for his stuffed teddy bear to come to life.  His wish came true, which made it on national tv.  Teddy made it big everywhere, but like most childhood stars, things get old.  Now, John and Ted are grown up and John has a girlfriend, Lori.  Lori wants to get married to John, and while she does not want to make John choose between Ted or her, she feels it may be the only choice.

I personally HATE those type of story lines.  They’ve been over done.  The person who makes the choice to leave someone because of another friend or lifestyle is clearly not with the person they should be with.  You should never have to change someone, when you accept someone into your life.  Choose them for who they are, taking the good with the bad.  Because I don’t like those type of story lines it almost felt as if this movie was going to be all fluff for me, with humor and good animation but a sucky story.

The movie was saved though, as a villain comes into the scene.  A fan of Ted starts to show up and cause trouble for Ted.  This extra storyline saves the movie in so many ways.  I also liked the friendship between John and Ted, I love how Ted was still out to keep John who he is and would bend over backwards for John.  While things did not always turned out right, Ted cared deeply for John and would do what ever was needed to keep John happy.   So for me, the biggest flaw in the film was Lori.

While Ted is a fun movie, it falls in the same boat with a lot of the other films I’ve been seeing of sex and drugs, though not as much nudity.  Ted has some dirty humor, but there’s definitely some fun stuff to the film that people can enjoy.  This is NOT a movie for kids.  It is well written and acted out though, with a lot of fun one liners and spots.  I really enjoy a party that Ted throws at his apartment as it got me to laugh a lot, the writing there was fantastic.

John was played by Mark Wahlberg and Lori by Mila Kunis, though the real star of the film was Ted and he was voiced by Seth MacFarlane, who was also the director and writer with screenplay help from Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild.  The three of them got the film to play out well on the big screen as a movie.  This was Seth MacFarlane’s first movie for the big screen and he really did pull it off.  His voice is heard through the film as Ted has a mixture of Peter and Brian from “Family Guy”.  An overall enjoyable performance.

I recommend this film for people who enjoy comedies, don’t get offended by sex or drugs, likes romance issues and loves a bit of adventure in a film.  This movie is mixing it up for the fans.  I will watch Ted again if given the chance, as it is a good movie.

Have you seen Ted?  Are you planning to see Ted?  Please feel free to share reviews, comments or questions below!


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