"The Muppets" on DVD & Blu-Ray

All my life I’ve been a Muppet fan. Even as a child, it was the first TV program that my full family would gather to watch together.  Kermit, Fozzie, Miss Piggy, Animal, and the rest of the crew are all wonderful and inspirational.  The original Muppet Movie is one of my favorite movies of all time.  And every year, I have to watch the “Muppets Christmas Carol” at least once.  So when I learned there was a new Muppet movie coming to theaters, I could not wait to see what magic would be brought to the screen this time.

The Muppet Movie is about a big fan of the Muppets, oddly enough, he is also a Muppet, though his brother is human.  Walter grew up in a Human World, different from the others and always dreamed of meeting the Muppets.  When his older brother, Gary, was planning a trip with his girlfriend to LA to see the Muppet Theater, Walter went along only to learn that the Studio was going to be destroyed.  This made Walter sick. He got Gary and Mary to help in his goal to save the Muppet Studio, which meant finding Kermit and the gang.

I saw this movie at the theaters, excited to see the gang back on the big screen.  Though I have to admit that it soon turned into disappointment as the drama between Jason Segel and Amy Adams’ characters took a front row seat in the film.  It was something you could see happening from the beginning of the movie, where she was upset that Walter was going along with them to L.A.  The Muppets seemed just like a tool used to drive a wedge in this already unbelievable relationship.  The humans in this film ruined the movie for me, and I felt it from the beginning.

There were some good scenes, like when they got through to Kermit.  Though there was some major plot holes.  For example, the Muppets all split up and didn’t stay in touch. Why?  They also forced on the story that Miss Piggy and Kermit were having the same sort of trouble as Gary and Mary.  It was annoying and painful to see our beloved characters treated so carelessly.

I did enjoy some of the songs, love the fact that Muppets had a new movie, and really think it’s great that the Henson’s crew was in there doing all the puppetry.  Though I feel this movie was only out there to make a movie.  The heart that Jim Henson’s crew would put into the film was not there.  It was a Disney movie all the way through, with only the hints that Henson’s was working with them.

My disappointment is still here as I think back to that day of going to the theater.  So now seeing the DVD and Blu-ray being up for sale on March 20th, I do not see myself going to pick it up.  I will wait until this movie falls into the $5 bin, and get it only to keep my Muppet DVD together as a set.  I doubt I will drag any friends over to watch it when I get the DVD. At the most, I might try to watch it again to see if there’s something there that I missed before.

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