My Father : Dave Ivey

Family, the key that helps us shape up to who we become.  If people want to believe it or not, their family has a strong influence on their life.  Folks who are there for you every steps of the way, those who barely know you’re alive and even those who disappear before memories can truly begin to take place.  Each one cause a rift of waves that will forever set you on a path unique only to you and those close to you.  Each family has a different feel, their own fingerprint.  I feel lucky to be in the family that I have.  Often I share their stories, the good and the bad.  I feel that those around you, everyone you meet and see, lives on through your memories.  Sharing those memories is how to keep one truly alive for all time.  Which makes it so I want to scream out their life stories to the world to keep them and the good they have done around for ages to come.  If people look through my blogs, website and even facebook you will find my family there, close and kept a part of everything.  I will like to share with everyone more about these wonderful people, starting with my dad.

Dave Ivey, born in Michigan back in the 1950’s.  My dad was a man of adventure, as he would catch reptiles, play with toys, learn how things work and draw.  He got his first cartoon on the air in Michigan back when he was still a kid.  He got a crush on my mother in High School, and was the one to bring my family together.  In the mid 1970’s he get into working on a local TV show called “The Ghoul” doing art, writing, and acting.  The 70’s were also the years that the family formed into who we are now as my folks got married and had their three children.

My Dad learned to make costumes in the 1970’s as well.  This is a big part of our history as he would make all of our Halloween costumes.  We would go to SciFi Conventions through the 1980’s, as my dad started to get guest status and even won World Costume Contests.  We were the lucky kids at conventions who were allowed into the Green Room, not realizing that it was restricted and these were the guests around us.

Dad was a hard worker, working a factory job to keep us with a roof and home.  Taking over time when he needed, going in even when he did not feel like it, and making sure to be on time.  We would see dad when he came home from work, changing the channel from the evening sitcoms to something he would rather enjoy, as he could relax with his family.  He would go down to the basement to do his artwork and get creative.  His workshop holds creatures he’s been creating and selling throughout the years. 

A personal favorite of mine that he created was called the Volcano Gods, created in the 1980’s.  These costumes were the ones that would truly win the costume contests.  They were of his own creation with a full background given to them.  Photos of them made it into papers and magazines, such as the old “KISS” Magazine.  Brought to many costume contests during Halloween time and through conventions.  With all of the amazing costumes my dad has brought to life, these two still stand out to me.

In the 1990’s, dad helped make both of my Michaelangelo costumes.  He came to a few of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle events with me such as the Coming Out of Their Shells Tour, Turtle Con 1992, and the opening of the Worlds and Pictures Museum.  When people came to me saying that we should do birthday parties, he made all the new games to use at the parties and even wrote the scripts.  These scripts and games were used for over 150 Children birthday parties, at movie theaters, and home visits for sick children.  They brought smiles to hundreds of kids, and made memories worth keeping. 

My dad is still with me, a gift of life I am truly thankful for as health is not always his strongest side.  In the mid 2000’s he had a stint put in his heart, as he was getting weaker on us.  The stint really did help for awhile, but the past few years he slowed back down again.  Only for us to learn that he needed a triple by pass.  The news came shortly before the surgery, a very scary time that only happened weeks ago for us. 

Sitting at the hospital during the surgery, was hard and scary.  I do not know how any of us will take it if we lose this important person to our lives.  I do not want to picture a time without him, as his creativity has helped lead each of us to follow our dreams. 

For this Thanksgiving I am very that my father is still with us and is recovering.  I know I am lucky to have a good relationship with both of my parents.  Right now I just feel even more lucky to have them both here with me for this day.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Are you close to your family members?  If you are thankful for a family member in your life right now, please share their story below!  All stories, comments and questions welcomed below!


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Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, and thank you for sharing your dad's story! It is easy to see that creativity is genetic in your family. :)I am close with my parents, too, and as a single mom trying to raise my child the best I can, my parents living close and always there to help me is an invaluable and precious resource. Plus, we all just have fun as a family. We go to movies together and out to eat together, as well as spend holidays together.I'm glad you have your parents still with you, hopefully for many years to come!