Please Help

Hey everyone,

I don’t normally want to come out and publicly ask for help, though I’ve been backed into a tough area from recent medical bills. One of the big facts about life is you can never plan your health, no matter how much you may try, and my health has been a roller coaster all my life. If it’s not one thing it’s another. Everyone has heard me share the stories about RSD here on Cowabunga Corner, though that is not the only problem with me. Yet for the last seven years every time I’ve tried to get medical, there have been road blocks in my way. This has made it so I’ve not been able to go to the doctors without the fear of large bills on my head.

Last month a major problem started up with me, one that I could not just ignore, as my life was on the line. I tried to avoid going to the doctors, though I was getting worse everyday. At the same time, I was visiting Phoenix, the Cowabunga Corner editor, down in Kentucky and she was getting worried about me. She watched as I turned white on her, was getting weaker and always tired. Not able to just sit back and watch me waste away, she brought me to the emergency room of the local hospital.

I was kept over night as they found that my blood level was very low, when it is suppose to be at 13 I was down to 8. They kept me overnight running test, hooked up to IV with fluids being pumped into me and also put two pints of blood into me. They wanted to run a large test on me, though we realized the bill was building up and I could not do this.

Personally, I live off of a Worker Comp check. I keep less than $20 a week for food and gas and use the rest of the check to pay for my bills. So money is not something that’s really all that good to me, never has been. While I do have a large collection of TMNT, I hope to use that to start a business and go on with my life to where I can support myself off of something I enjoy and am very good at.

Now, all the work I do for Cowabunga Corner has been of my own free will, there’s never been any real money made. Even the T-Shirt sales did not make enough to even pay for all the shipping costs. So everything has been out of pocket here. I want to keep everything going, though if the hospital bills do start eating me alive, I may have to slow down on trips, getting interviews and other stuff for trying to make Cowabunga Corner as good as we’re trying to make it.

So right now I’m coming forward to ask people for help with Cowabunga Corner! My hospital bill has come in at over $6,000 for that overnight stay in Kentucky. We were told if we paid 60% of this bill within the first 30 days that we would get the other 40% off. So I’ve added a donation button to Cowabunga Corner and I am sending out this plea to anyone who can afford to help. We need to raise around $3,200 before April 10th. If you can help, spare a $5, $10, $20 or more! Please do!

We will keep bringing you Cowabunga Corner write ups, got a lot of CCN that will be happening this upcoming weekend. We understand that not all of our readers can help here and still thank everyone who takes the time to visit Cowabunga Corner.

I will also like to let everyone know that as of April 1st I will be on Health Insurance as my local hospital has stepped forward and helped me get enrolled in something that I can afford. Though the Health Insurance will not be helping me with this hospital bill since it happened before they were brought into the picture. It will still be of great help for any future issues.

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