Poll: Blind Bag TMNT Toy

At Toy Fair 2013 Playmate Toys gave out Blind bag TMNT toys. I normally leave toys in package from event, though I'm not use to not knowing what toy it is. So now I sit here wondering if I should open this toy for the collection or put it away in package. So for the first time I am asking for the advice from the fandom. If I open it, I will do a review of the toy.

Vote by June 20th to let us know what you think I should do with this toy.

Voting is to the right of this screen.  The choice will be made depending on the votes.  There is still a chance to make a difference.

Did you go to Toy Fair and get one of these?  Or do they sell them where you live?  If you have a blind bag TMNT 2013 toy please let us know if you kept it in package or got it opened.  If you've done a review share your link.  If not please share reviews, comments and questions below.

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8 different characters huh? Does the bag tell you who is available or is it a surprise?

Michele Ivey's picture

Yes, I'm sorry Leatherhead is not on the list. There's the 4 Turtles, Splinter, Shredder, Foot Soldier and Kraang

But you know what's weird about that? At Toy Fair they showed mini Dogpound and Fishface figures near the ones you mentioned...could they be chase figures? Or maybe even a part of a second series?

You should totally open it! Blind bag video reviews are always fun since neither the reviewer or the viewer know what they'll be seeing. Any specific character you're hoping for?

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I would like Michelangelo, though I'll be happy with any of the four Turtles :)

u inspire me on a lot of thing and I think u should open it you only live once and u should spend it on wat ever u like so open open U ROCK