Poll results: Corey Feldman on Nick TMNT

Who is Corey Feldman going to voice in the Nickelodeon TMNT series?

In December 2012 we learned that Corey Feldman is doing a voice on the all new Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series.  With hints that his character is going to be close to Raphael, that is played by Sean Astin.  No one has left the cast of the lead characters so who ever it is, this character is being introduced in Season 2.  Here on Cowabunga Corner we put up a poll to find out who our readers think Corey is going to play in the upcoming season of TMNT.  Now I’m going to share the results and talk about some of the choices that people guessed at.

We had 751 voters take a shot in sharing who they think Corey will be in the new season.  We are going to work our way up to the top choice of our answers.  These answers being Casey Jones, Mutated Spike, New Character or Other.  The people who choose other got to write in their own answer.

Other got the less amount of votes with only 30, this gave them 4% of the votes.  Reading through these I was surprised to see how many people picked characters who already have voice actors.  Donatello’s name came up the most, since Corey was the voice of Donatello in TMNT 1 and 3 of the live action films.  Rob Paulsen is still Donatello in season 2, so I’m sorry to those who miss Corey in this role.  He will be someone else in this series.  There was guests for Mutagen man, Splinter, Leonardo, Shredder and Rat King.  Each of those areas already have voice actors.  One person picked other and wrote in Casey Jones, which was an option they could've choose on the poll itself.

Interesting choices that have come up which would work from the people who voted others.  These characters got one vote each Bebop, Rocksteady and Vernon.  While I don’t see Corey as any of these guys, I never thought of Rob as Donatello.  So it could happen, the question would be is how could Bebop, Rocksteady or even Vernon be close to Raphael?  Slash also received a vote, which is a character who may have a reason to make friends with Raphael.  It would all depend on how the character could be made.  The answer most given in other though is Fugitoid.  He got a handful of votes.  It is an interesting choice, I just think he’s normally closer to Donatello.  It will be fun to see if any of these guesses are correct when the answer is shared with the fandom.

The next answer on the list was Mutated Spike at 7% of the voters Spike got 53 votes.  Spike is Raphael’s pet Turtle.  He’s very close to Raph, and has been in a few episodes.  You even see him on Raph’s shoulder during the theme song.  Personally I think it would be a mistake to mutate Spike, so I hope that this is not the path they’re going.  If he is mutated, I can see Corey being the voice.  It would be a fresh character for him to bring into whatever grove he wants.

New Character brought in 98 votes, making it 13% of the poll answers.  There is always the chance of having a new character as Nickelodeon has been bringing us for a different ride this time.  With new villains, new plot twists and so many other changes to each of the characters we know.  So a new character is always an option here.  I think this is a fun answer because it leaves us with such a blank slate of where things could come from and go with this series.  I know they like to keep us on our toes, so while I am hoping he is Casey Jones.  I will not be surprised if we get a new character here.

Casey Jones got the most votes at 570 making it 76% of the voters share the same thoughts that I do, that there is a strong chance we will see Corey as Casey Jones.  It has been leaked that Casey Jones will enter this TMNT series in Season 2.  With the work that Corey has done on the “Lost Boys” movies, I could really see him playing a mean Casey and have got my hopes up that we are correct with this guess.  Only time will tell.

Sadly Season 1 of the Nickelodeon series is still going and it’s June.  As I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for Season 2 to get rolling.  I really do wish that Nickelodeon had done the normal May sweep so that we could rest this summer, instead of being in fear of missing a new episode mixed in with all of these reruns.  I am on the road most of the summer, so there is a high chance of not seeing a new episode.  This is really disappointing for me.  Let’s hope Season 2 starts in September and that we learn who Corey is early in the season!

What do you think of these Poll results?  Did any of the answers in Other sound interesting to you?  Please share your thoughts, comments and questions below.


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Michele Ivey's picture

Seeing as how the character is suppose to mean something to Raph, and that it's someone who appears more through the series... some how I just don't see him being Donatello for this show.

Ninjara, then? Oh! Mona Lisa! =P

Haha, just kidding. You hold a good point. Maybe I just want him to voice Don again someday, so the fan in me is crossing his toes.

Hmmm, it is possible for Corey to reprise his role as Donatello if they decide to do a Same as it Never Was type episode that takes place in the future. The turtles are portrayed as being very young in this series, even for fifteen-year-olds. So maybe Don's voice will change over time, and Corey can voice the older version of him? it's TMNT, so anything's possible!