Power Con 2013: 4Kids Panel

Powercon 2013 took place in California it was based on the Thundercats,  He-man and Ninja Turtles. I was brought in as a guest and got to host several panels including the TMT panel for the 2000's.  My guests were all from the four kids series so we did not cover the 2000's we just covered the 2003 Turtles series.  Here is the video of that panel.

It was great spending time with Adrian Barrios, Gavin Hignight and Shannon Denton.  As we go into the details behind the scenes of the 4Kids TV series.  Find out how each of them got involved in the TMNT series.  It’s worth checking out for any fans of the 2003 series, to hear about the behind the scenes.

It was an honor to get to host this panel with some of the creative people behind TMNT.  A big Thanks to each of them for sharing their stories and all the work they put into this cartoon series.  Hopefully we covered stuff that everyone wanted to know about.

Did you go to Power Con 2013?  Were you at this panel?  Please share your reviews, comments and questions below!

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