Random Collection Piece 20

Throughout the years of being a Ninja Turtle fan, my collection has been growing.  Every year I get something new that joins the collection.  Growing since 1989, I have over 500 Ninja Turtle toys out of package and over 300 in package, as well as books, animation cels, original comic art, scripts and so much more.  To cover all of this on Cowabunga Corner is not something I really think I can do.  Though I get a lot of questions about my collection, so I figured I could do random stories from time to time to share one item in my collection.

This here is my Japanese Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Samurai Scooter.   This toy did come out in the United States, the packaging has the same photos as the United States version.  I’m leaving it in package since I have the US version out of package.  The biggest difference here is all the Japanese writing on it.  Which is why I bought this toy.  I love collecting TMNT products from around the world.

I found this Japanese TMNT bike at Motor City Comic Con in the early 2000’s.  They had it on a shelf with a bunch of normal United States toys.  I was in total shock when the vendor sold this to me for only $15.  I have kept it in the same plastic wrap that they had around it when I bought the toy.   It rotates between being in a display case in my room, to being in a box I have for TMNT stuff from other countries.

The Samurai Scooter was made by Playmates Toys and came out in 1992.  The Turtle used on the box art is Movie Michaelangelo, which came out in the TMNT II toy line.  Playmate Toys has been the wonderful people behind the toys all along, and was even the backers for the first five episodes of the original cartoon series.  I will do more of a toy review of this piece at some point, when I dig out my original one from the collection.

Do you have the Samurai Scooter?  Did you get it in the United States or some other country?  Do you collect TMNT toys from around the world too?  If so have you seen different packaging for this toy?   Please share reviews, comments and questions below!


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