Rant: Medical Cost

Everyone has things that they rant about, something that troubles them and they just have to vent.  I’m no different. So, from time to time, I’m going to share some of those things here.  Some of them could be big that affect a lot of people, other rants could be something personal about my life that others might relate to.

Today’s rant is about medical cost in the United States. Yes, something a lot of people discuss how to fix it and a lot of people misunderstand how it works, while others are just totally left out.  Well I’m not going to say I’m an expert on it, but I will say that I’m one of those people who got really bumped badly from the system and have not been able to pick myself up since.  Here’s my story....

Growing up, I was in luck.  My dad worked factory jobs in Michigan.  Now anyone who knows anything about factory work out here, knows they have unions which make it so their workers get insurance for themselves and their families.  The pay is usually decent to great.  And Michigan use to thrive in factory work as we were in Motor City, the surrounding area around Detroit.  So, my family was doing great with medical stuff.  Our insurance covered our doctor visits, $2 co-pay for medications, and was all around there for us when we needed it.  But when I turned 25, I lost that insurance that came from my dad’s company, which meant I needed to get my own.

I started to work to try and cover that before I reached 25, though my first few jobs did not offer insurance.  One time I quit a job I liked, for a job that offered insurance yet the same pay, only to find that job was so bad that I went back to the job without insurance.  Then, lucky for me, as I was turning 25 I found a job, a factory job where I could get insurance and have better pay than any of those other jobs I had.  And this job gave me LOTS of overtime.  So my pay checks were great.  I bought a car, got my Turtle Heads, a new computer.  Life was going well.  The insurance was no where near as good as the stuff I had as a kid, but better than being without.

On October 26th, 2004 I was injured at this job.  A job I got to help cover myself with insurance,. ends up being the reason I loose my insurance.  After being off of the job for a month the factory warned me, that if I’m not back by May I loose my insurance. My mom even offered to help pay for me to keep insurance and they said no.  I tried Social Security, but was told my injury wasn’t covered. I tried Medicaid, but my Worker Comp checks brought in to much, even though I had to pay for all the stuff I was buying when I had the good paying job. I could not afford to get my own insurance.

I have won my Worker Comp case for the injury, I do get coverage for the injury itself.  Though nothing else is covered, and that has been my life since May 2005.  No doctor visits unless it’s for the arm. We did try a few free clinics for a medical problem that I have, though the problem requires the help of doctors that do not come free.  One time we came close to getting real help, a free doctor clinic for Oakland County, attached to a hospital.  They can do all the tests and everything needed there.   Though for some odd reason Ferndale is the only part of Oakland County that this free doctor thing did not cover.

Now that I’ve had my surgery.  I can start looking into getting back into the working field, to maybe get some help.  Though I don’t want to take a job just for the sake of having a job anymore.  I do not want to get a job just for insurance.  I want to be able to start my own job, get it going well enough to where I could afford to get my own insurance for myself and employees.   Be it starting up a Comic Shop or somehow starting up a Ninja Turtle Museum.

I know some people believe that everyone in the United States has insurance, that medical is being made into a big deal over nothing, but those people are wrong.  If I have a cold and want to go to a normal doctor, I could end up spending over $70 to $80 to just be told to go home and sleep, and drink plenty of fluids.   Doctors over charge for their 5 to 10 minutes of time that they give you.  And if they tell you to come back if things get worse, that means they get to charge you again.  I personally can not afford to keep going to the doctors.  And free doctors are long waits, to see people who can’t do anything to help with any sort of real problem.

I love how Canada does their medical, it goes through the taxes so everyone is covered.  No matter who you are, you can go to the doctors.  Funny, whenever I bring it up to people they say “but the wait”. Who cares about the wait.  I just waited to December 16th, 2011 for a surgery that I agreed to back in 2008.  There are long waits here in the United States, too.  Though it hits us harder because a ton of people do not have insurance.

I hang out with a group of friends in my home town, each with their own stories.  One friend has medical through the state, though five of my other friends do not have any insurance at all.  This is not something where you find one to two people who don’t have it, you find tons of people.  Looking at doctors office without a way to go in and be taken care of.  All this medical, yet so many people denied because of money.   And if you ignore that and still go in, you will be in debt for the rest of your life, over stuff that you never controlled in the first place.

So I hate it. I personally hate it. I hate the medical world for putting themselves so far above life.  That these people working there are more important than the people needing help.  That these machines that are used daily by a lot of people, cost each of those people ‘thousands’ to use it.  That I can watch hospitals grow into a self contained city with stores, places to eat, parks, cable in every room.  When you see all the money being put into comfort you wonder why can they do that and still charge so much for their treatments?

Now while this is a rant you’ll notice I did not attack anyone personally, not the government or any certain hospital.  I ask that in our comment section people refrain from swearing if possible or from getting into heated debates.  This is an area to share open thoughts, but each of us are allowed our own opinions.  Thanks for taking the time to read my ran

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Here's a thought, sell some of you enormous turtle collection to help afford the doctor you need to see. You are sitting on probably over 30k worth of shit, so your complaining is actually kind of sad.

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Sorry I do not agree with you, I don't think people should have to work hard on something and give it up to greed of doctors. I've worked a lot of my life into my collection, and got a lot of it as gifts from some great people. I plan a future out of this collection, a career. I should not have to give that up, because of medical bills. And that's what I'm talking about here.

Life is NOT about paying bills, it's about the memories and things you do. Are you going to be proud of your life if you just get rid of everything to pay bills? Everything you worked to achieve? That's not the life I want. So sorry, not planning on giving up living, to pay bills.

Seriously? You make me absolutely sick. I've seen your newest video of the TMMT Nickelodeon figures. Was that duplicates of the four turtles I saw? Oh, I guess you need to collect them in the package/out of the package, right? Yeah, really needed.

You complain about recent bills and stays in the hospital yet had a post about taking donations. Shall I start on your ventures to cons?

I love the fact that you "worked a lot of my life into my collection". I realize you have a disability, that sucks, but how much do you make is disability and what do you do now? How much hard work will you do in the work force with the rest of your life in comparison to "this collection." Curious.

You're a mental midget. A garden variety troglodyte.

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You know it's people like you who jump down others throats for trying to live that make me sick.

First off I'm not saying I think that doctors should not be paid. Or that we should not be paying for it. What I'm saying is that medical cost too much. You should not have one trip to the hospital over something you can not control cost more than a down payment for a new car. So people work their butts off to try and have a life to enjoy only to find that now they gotta work the next so many years to pay off a medical bill. You should not go in for an appointment at a doctor office, be stuck in the lobby waiting for 3 hours, get in for less than 15 minutes and sent home with over $100 bill. They're over priced.

Life is TOO short for people to be stuck worried about money all the time. And I do not complain just about medical costs, I complain about the price of gas, food and toys. If you watched my recent video that you just got after me about for having two sets of Turtle toys you'd see that I am complaining about real problems. The prices of these things keep going up, yet the people are taking pay cuts and getting laid off. No one's paycheck is going up with it, instead people are being forced to live just by barely holding on. Is that really what life should be about? Or should people try to live a little. You never know when you're going to die.

I've lost friends to things like asthma attacks and car crashes. Watching people younger than me die before they have a chance to live. So the real question is, while you're living should you not be allowed to enjoy yourself? You come after me about the things that I do like buying toys and going to conventions. I get $20 out of each of my paychecks to go into my pocket after bills take from them, and yes I do now have medical as I got stuck not having a choice. I save that money buying only the bare medium in food and gas when home, so that I can get out and do the things I do. Most conventions I go too, I go for free. I've been in the convention circle since I was a child. The toys is an investment for what I want to do with my future.

You don't see the things that I've stopped buying from the foods I use to eat to what I have now, the new things for my car to keep it in better shape (use to buy the top line of gas till it all went over $3/gal), the DVDs of shows I like, the toys from different anime series, and so much more. I've stopped a lot of shopping that I use to do because I've watched money come down and put a very tight grip around not just me, but everyone I know. Though I do have a goal to open a museum, that goal is real. And to achieve that goal I need to keep moving forward with this collection. Did I get doubles of all of the toys like I wanted too? I couldn't... they were in my hands... the store had another set of Shredder, April, Foot and Splinter. They had the cars and stuff. Though I had to figure things out just to buy the ones I did.

And yes I ask for donations, Cowabunga Corner has cost me over $5,000 since I started it. In cameras, traveling for interviews, hard drives, mics, and so much more. And that's just me. Others have bought things for us as well, and the prices just keep adding up. The money that comes in for donations do not go for my toys. They go towards what I promise they'll go towards. This blog. As I bend over backwards to keep it going, as people do seem to enjoy it. So while you're standing here attacking me, you don't even know the other side. All you know is that I'm complaining about the price of medical. Hell everyone in the United States should be complaining if they stop and look at the real prices of this crap, not just their insurance bill but what the hospitals are really charging. One Test - NOT even the cure can cost over $10,000! That's not chump change...

And I'm sorry if you don't feel that I've been a part of the working field because I have not had a job since I got hurt. But before I got hurt I was working 3 jobs at at time, in fact the year I got hurt I was working 68 hours a week in a factory, plus a side job on top of that. These days I'm more of a journalist, where I write stories - which is a paying job for some people out there, and does bring in views here at the website. From Movie reviews, event reviews, to interviews. There's always something up on this site. And I am working towards getting a Museum going so that I can get a job where I am the boss, so on bad days I can take it easy without having to worry about telling some other person that I can not come in right now because I'm in too much pain. Or I can't do this because I got these restrictions.

You must have some major money flow to not worry about medical bills and to think everyone in the world must be happy with medical prices. Though everyone has the right to rant. And everyone has the right to live. We never know if we're going to die tomorrow, and if my life is flashing before my eyes I want a life that I'm proud of. And that's how I'm living. My bills get paid, and I still go out and have fun. Though I have a voice and use it, when something is unfair to the people.

And the price of medical is unfair. Even now with insurance I know how much the hospital is charging the insurance company and that does not make me feel any better. Knowing they're getting all this money for just looking at me and telling me to go home with a pill. So go ahead and work against the people out there who's struggling by saying that medical is priced right. Though some day go and look around at how many people do not have medical, who are suffering because they can't get in, or have to settle for doctors that don't care for them because of the free medical they have. Other countries that puts the doctors payment into taxes have it right. People can be taken care of and still pay for their doctor bills through taxes while living a life they can enjoy. Oh and don't tell me they gotta wait longer because of how their medical is... I just waited seven years for a surgery, even my Canadian friends agree that is way too long of a wait.

Yeah I hear you on the insurance battle. While I've not had the troubles you have had, like many people I lost insurance during the recession and when I got laid off. MOST people I knew did NOT have insurance, and for that reason, job loss. Plus like myself, they can't afford $300+ a month on independent insurance. It's not even worth having most of the time if you're relatively healthy. My bf right now doesn't work a regular job so he doesn't have insurance either, but to him it's not that big of a deal.

When I did get work again in 2009 I had two parttime jobs, but of course, no insurance. I had a procedure I had to get done and I told the Dr of my issue (no insurance) and she told me about low-cost clinics that base the cost off your income. So what I had to do was provide my income info (several recent paycheck stubs + tax stuff) and they OK'd me for like 90% coverage (tho I had to hassle the lab co's to knock off some of the fees too). I've also been to one other clinic like that which offered a sliding scale. Then another time when I was visiting my folks in Indy, I had to go to the ER due to a severe headache and I had a cat scan. I asked them if they offered a sliding scale/financial assistance since I had no insurance. So I mailed them my income info and a few weeks later I heard back from them. My $3000 bill I was "No longer financially responsible for."

So as much as healthcare in this country sucks, you can still get treatments and services for a lower rate, and make payments on medical bills, even if you are insurance-less. You just gotta ask around for low-cost clinics. Thankfully now I do finally have insurance as I'm just working at one fulltime job now, but like you Ivey I would NOT just take a job for benefits. That's not a good idea. There are other ways around lack of insurance. Tho I'm sorry for your major headache you've had.

Hey Ivey, I kinda understand where you're coming from. When I moved to IL from MD, I had to re-apply for med assistance for the new state, and they denied me, basically saying my disease "wasn't good enough" to be covered. Epilepsy, a medical condition that I need to take medication for DAILY or else I could wind up in the hospital in a coma or even DIE from, and need a neurologist for....is not good enough to be covered. Being I work part time in retail, I don't have the money to cover this kinda stuff AT ALL! I just couldn't believe they told me that...what IS "good enough" to be covered then?! I'm just lucky my mother in law is willing to help me out when I don't have the money to cover my meds...sheesh. So yeah, I feel part of your pain. Sorry dear. <3