Raphael... Death?

This is a Fanfic that I wrote back in the 1999.  Hope everyone enjoys.

Raphael...  Death?

Michaelangelo jumps down and looks up at a Pizza place.   This must be the place.   He thought to himself, as he looks around.   So, where is he?   Michaelangelo, pulls a long coat and hat over himself, covering his looks, as he stands outside.   The dark sky  covers the city like a blanket as the light reflecting from the city hides the millions of stars that could be out that night.   The full moon makes him think of the horror movie he just got done watching.

Michaelangelo takes one more look at a watch hidden in his pocket.  Oh man, he's late. He walks into the building, looking up at the new signs, and the smell of the fresh pizza.   I can't believe he's late.  Michaelangelo goes over and takes a seat.

"Hey, what would you like today?"

"I'll take the works, dude."   Michaelangelo says, as he looks out the window.   Some kids go by wearing Ninja Turtle t-shirts, one of them holding a Raphael plushie doll.   He reaches up and pulls his hat down over his face more.   Come on, this isn't the best area for a meet up.    Where are you....


Stupid Subway!    How is anyone suppose to be on time.   Raphael looks up, at a clock on the subway train, he sits alone in a corner.


"Oh shell, as I thought... I'll never be on time tonight."  Raph gets up and runs towards the sound, coming from a few cars down from him.  He stops to look up, seeing a man with a long coat on, he holds two big shot guns.  At the man's feet lay an old lady.   Raph grabs out his sais.   Time to have fun!

"Hey Mister, don't you know it's not nice to pick on the people older than you!"   Raphael snarls, as he steps into the car.  The man looks up, his eyes fueled with a cold glare.   It’s enough to send a chill right down Raphael's shell.    What ever happened to the good old days, when we knew who we were against?    

The man sniffs the air, then laughs looking at Raph. "You bring me, my death!"  He whispers to Raph.   "You are death."
Raph steps back, holding his sais tight in his grip.  Ok, those who believe I just stepped into the mad house, please raise your hand!   

"Give me that of which I ask, Death, and I will come with you.   You may take my soul to Hell, just give my love back her life!"

Damn!   What ever happen to looney's with no good reason to do this kind of stuff?

"Ok, Mr.  You want your love back... then put down your guns."

The man pulls the gun and looks at Raph.      "You're not Death!"    He yells.

"Na, but I know where you can find him."   Raph jumps back, as the man fires at him.    Throwing his sai, he hits a glass window near the man, sending the glass flying everywhere.  Raph backs up, watching as the glass goes through the car, hitting the man.

"YOU ARE DEATH!"  The man stands, as there's glass sticking into his legs and arms from the window, blood dripping down his pants and sleeves.  Mikey's never going to believe this.   The subway train came to a stop, as someone hit the stop cord.   The man jumps out of the car.   "COME SEE ME WHEN YOU RETURN MY LOVE FROM THE DEAD!"

Raphael jumps down to follow him, but when he gets out, the man was gone.  "Who the hell was that?"  Raphael turns and looks back at the subway train.    Can't go that way, the cops are going to be all over that train.  He turns and walks down the subway until he saw a sewer entrance and goes through.     His mind stays on the poor guy, who lost his family.

Back with Mikey.

"Another one please."  Michaelangelo reaches towards his wallet.   Oh no, wrong coat.   Raph better get here soon.  Michaelangelo looks up to see a man, standing outside the window, looking right at him.   He looks to see the blood going down his arms and legs.   That dude should see a doctor.

The man turns and walks the other way.   Michaelangelo stands up, then he turns to see the man at the register and he sits back down.   Raph, come on... there's someone out there who needs our help.   A little kid walks into the pizza place and jumps up at the counter, next to the register and starts to talk to the man.

"Yeah, we got them all.    Mom said that we were good enough to pick any toys we wanted.   And the store had all 4 of them."   The kid smiles and holds up the 'Rock'n Roll'n Turtle Toys.

Michaelangelo looks over, and smiles for a brief moment, then he looks down.  All these humans know of him, yet his dream is not real yet.   People do not know that these Turtles are real.

Raphael comes in, his coat all messy, from running through a dirty sewer he's not use to.

"Next time the Rat King thinks that I'm his pet Turtle, he better find out how to fight without that damn flute, because I'll be the first to shove it where..."

Michaelangelo gives Raph a look.  "Not now, Raph."   Mikey nods his head towards the kid.    The kid stops and looks at Raphael.

"Did you say the Rat King?"

Raph gulps then glares at Mike.   Thanks for the warning, bro.

"Yeah, kid, I nicknamed a friend of mine in the dojo I train at, he reminds me of that wacko from the turtle cartoons."

The kid smiles.  "Cool!"   He gets up and hugs the guy at the register. "I'll see you later, dad, I'm going to meet up with Gary for the game tonight."   The young boy runs out.

"Hey, Raph, why don't you pay for the Pizza so we can hit the road."

"MIKEY!"   Raph growls as he looked at the bill.  "Can't you ever eat cheap?!"  Then Raph's eyes widen as he looks up at the window seeing the man from the subway standing there.

"What's wrong bro?"   Mikey turns to see that guy again.   "It's the dude from earlier, he's back!"

"You saw him too?"   Raph glances at Mikey.

"Yea, he was standing right there just a few minutes ago."

"This, this... this freak is the reason I'm late!"

Michaelangelo stops and glances up at Raph.  "How can you blame him, he looks injured."  Then Mikey gets a closer look at the man's face, as he saw blood coming from his eyes, his skin is peeling on his chin.   His hands are a blue and purple color.   "What'd you do to him, Raph?"

"What are you talking about?!  I didn't do anything, but send a few pieces of broken glass into him!   He made me lose a sai, through a stupid subway window!"   Raph snaps, as he turns to look at the man, now seeing what Mikey sees.

"Hey, you guys going to pay your bill?"   The guy at the register said, as he starts to clean up to close.

"Yo, dude.   Does the guy out the window come around often?"  Michaelangelo asks, looking at the register man.

"What are you talking about, no one is standing there."   Michaelangelo's head flips back to the window, still seeing the man, standing there.     He looked, as the lips of the man, said  'Death, please bring my love back... then I will come.'   Michaelangelo then follows the man's eyes, looking right at Raph.

"Raph, is there something you haven't told me?"

"Shut up Mike!  I don't know this guy!  He's just some freak that freaked out!"

Just like clockwork, two young men come running into the pizza shop.   Michaelangelo looks up, grabbing towards his chucks as soon as he sees the guns.

"Everyone!  HANDS UP!"   One of the men says.

"And get down on the ground!"  The other yells.

Raphael jumps up and throws his sai at the first guy as he sidekicks the other one in the face.   The two men drop their guns fast.

The first man catches a glance at the sai and looks at Raph.   "A Ninja?"

"Sorry to destroy your fun, dude, but it's kind of rude to stop a man from having his dinner."   Michaelangelo says as he throws his chucks between the first man's legs, tripping him.  Michaelangelo turns around and grabs the mustard from the table and squirts it into the man's eyes.

"ARGH!   I CAN'T SEE!"    He pulls out another gun and starts to shoot around blindly.   Raphael turns around, grabbing his sai from the ground and throws the sai, aiming at the gun, but the man moves and it hit him right in the neck.    The man falls back coughing.  He reaches up and pulls at the sai from his neck, then falls backwards.    Raph turns to look at the other one, out cold from the sidekick to the face.

"Raph!"  Michaelangelo yells, as Raph looks over at him over the dead body.   "You, killed him."

Raph jumps as he felt a cold hand on his back.  He turns to see the man from the subway is there, next to him stood a young lady with long blonde hair.   The man now looks healthy.

"Thank you.  I will go now."   The man and lady both fade away.   Michaelangelo's eyes widen, as they hear the police coming.  Raph throw a twenty over to the man at the counter.

"Keep the change."   He yells as Michaelangelo and he run out of the pizza place.  They climb up onto the roof across the street.    As the register person comes running outside, looking around to see where they went.

"HEY THE TAB WAS $24.47!"   He looks around not seeing them and shakes his head, then sees the cop pull up.

Raph glares at Mikey.    "How much did you eat?!"

Michaelangelo just smiles innocently at Raph.   "So, dude...   Death?"    Michaelangelo smirks, changing the topic.    Raphael looks at his sai in hand, the one that just killed one of the robbers. He then looks down at the building as the police are all around.   Death?    He looks at Michaelangelo and baps him across the back of his head.

"Let's get outta here, before you start seeing things again."


This is one of those stories that are supposed to leave both you and the Turtles with a bunch of questions.  There really are no answers given.  It's up to the people who read it to assume who the guy was and why he was calling Raphael Death.

Please do leave comments on what you thought, I wrote this back in 1999 for Fanfiction.net


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This is a nice, easy to follow story that seems appropriate to read around Halloween, believe it or not; it has so much of a ghost story vibe to it.

I think that Raphael is the perfect Turtle to end up seeing the man in the subway, too, as he's often the one shown caring about justice - and that's what this seemed to be about, giving this man's soul justice ... and true peace.

Nicely done - I could even imagine it being a comic book story, actually.