Returning to Midwest Media Expo 2015


The past few years Cowabunga Corner has been invited to different events.  Getting to share collection pieces, talk with fellow Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans, and host panels.  One of those events really stood out, with how great the guests were treated, the variety of types of guests and events, and the mixture of panels that I got to take part in last year.  This was Midwest Media Expo, an event in Detroit Michigan meant for many different types of fandoms to come together as a community, for a fun weekend.  When they asked for me to return for 2015, I was happy to say yes.  Here’s a bit about  Midwest Media Expo.

Midwest Media Expo is brought together by the same chairman who host Youmacon each year.  Youmacon has been around for 10 years now, starting off as a small conventions growing to one of the largest events in Detroit.  It has even outsold hotel rooms than the Super Bowl when it was in Detroit.  Youmacon is an anime and gaming centered event, with Midwest Media Expo they took everything great about Youmacon and added more.  This now host movies, tv shows, comics and more.  Giving a little something for everyone.  And best of all, it remains an event for the fans by the fans.

With gaming rooms, panels, autograph sessions, vendor room to concerts that are all included in a weekend badge.  There’s always something going on.  While it is hosted in Detroit’s tallest building!  Great view of Canada, CVS, fast food and good places to sit down and eat located within the same building at the event.  Easy access from paid parking or the people mover.  This is a safe secure location with lots to offer. 

At Midwest Media Expo 2015 I am hoping to do at least three TMNT panels, and will be excited to see what other panels they line me up for.  Last year I enjoyed the Pop Culture panel a lot.  I won’t have a table set up this year, so if people want to see what I bring make sure to show up to any of the panels that I do attend.  By not hosting a table, this will also free me up to walk around and talk with more people, without worry about who’s tending to our booth.  It will also give me more time to focus on the panels and put together something fun everyone can enjoy.

I am really looking forward to the guest list this year, with returning guests such as Andre from Black Nerd Comedy, a fellow TMNT fan with lots to share.  Jon St John, a voice actor who lights up the room with his humor at any event he attends.  And Steam Powered Giraffe, which is my favorite concert for the weekend as they sing a lot of awesome songs with an amazing show.  Out of the new guests for this year I am really looking forward to meeting Osric Chau, who played Kevin in “Supernatural”.

Most of my friends know that “Supernatural” is currently my favorite Prime Time show on right now.  From Dean to Crowley I make sure to keep up with this show.  It is an honor to see a guest from the series is coming to Detroit for Midwest Media Expo!  I have never met Osric before, and did really like his character on “Supernatural”.  Giving me a reason to be excited.

Pre registration ends soon for Midwest Media Expo, if you’re deciding to come please do not wait on registration!  It would be a great honor to meet any other TMNT fan who shows up, and I’ll be happy to discuss anything from Ninja Turtles, how I learned of Steam Powered Giraffe to coping with Bullies and RSD.  I always enjoy talking with fellow fans, sharing my stories and learning the stories of those around me.  We all have stories to share, please do come and share yours!

Here is the panel videos that I took part in for Midwest Media Expo 2014.



Are you planning to come to Midwest Media Expo?  Are you local or will you be traveling from another state or Country?  Please say hello!  Let us know you read Cowabunga Corner!  And enjoy the entire weekend of events on April 10th, 11th and 12th 2015!   

All Comments and Questions are welcomed below! 

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