Review: 2015 Valentine TMNT Mailbox Kit

The Holiday has once again came upon us where people go all gaga for each other, handing over red fluffy gifts and chocolates.  That’s right, Valentine’s Day is coming up this Saturday.  Which means time to find the cool items that are only sold during this time of the year.  For Turtle Fans we have a good list of assorted goodies to share.  I’m going to try and get out as many as I can this week in reviews!  Starting off with a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Valentine Mail Box Kit.

I found this little piece at Target.  The packaging screamed out to me just because of the weird looking Raphael, that’s when I read what it was.  Last year I reviewed other Valentine mailboxes so thought this would be cool to bring into the mix. In the video last year one of the sets that I reviewed was a Create Your Own Mailbox.  Which I thought this one would be a lot like.  I was a bit surprised reading the directions, finding that these two sets are not so much alike.

Made by Paper Magic Group you can turn your TMNT mailbox into any of your favorite Turtles, with weapons and faces included.  There’s 3 Sheets of Paper wrap, 3 sheets of foam punch outs, 1 sheet of foil punch-outs, and 1 sheet of adhesive foam tape.  Designed to fight a box 8.25” x 11.75” x 5”.  Box Not Included.   That’s right, the box itself is not included.  Last year we made our box, this year… we need an extra box?  While the set looks fun to put together, I will not be taking part as I don’t have the time to go hunt down a box the right size.  Which is a little disappointing.  May be fun for families who’s got time for shopping and activities though.

Design, they use Mikey’s plastron.  No lightning shape scars, or crossing over belts straps.  One sword, one bo, two sais and one nunchuck.   And of course there’s the faces.  I love the smile on Donatello’s face, he’s got this grin I really like.  In the series it’s when he’s trying to play cool in saying “Hey April”, at least that’s what it reminds me of.  Mikey’s got a grin of course.   Raphael and Leonardo both look like they realize their bodies are boxes and they’re not happy about this new problem. 

Overall this looks like something fun for kids and would make great for any child’s desk at school for the Holiday card exchange. I do recommend it, because the kids could have their favorite Turtle sitting on their classroom desk for a day! 

Have you seen this Valentine Mailbox Kit?  Do you have it?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below!



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