Review: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

History influences a lot of stories for books, movies, and even lessons for children.  We find movies based on wars, tragedies, and heroes.  Some movies use new characters that they made up, and most movies that use real people try to stay true to the stories that are already known.  Every now and then someone comes up with a new myth of a real person.  Today, a movie is coming to theaters that is based on a man known as a great President of the United States.  Though this film tells a new myth of this president that includes him fighting vampires.  Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is an adventure of history.

Starting when Abraham was a kid, a tragic event happened with his family, which he later learned was the work of vampires.  A man, who helps him out of a bad spot, teaches him how to fight and kill vampires.  Abraham goes off onto his life, breaking the rules of his teacher by getting a life outside of vampire hunting going, which brings those he cares about into danger.   Once Abraham becomes president, he has a large war to take part in not just for freedom, but for the human race.

This movie has a fun story intermixed with history, though not all of its facts are right.  I’ve heard from someone who read the book that the movie follows about 20% of the book, changing a lot.  Though as someone who has not read the book, I enjoyed this movie for the story that it is.  I liked the characters and felt the acting, action, costumes and sets were all great.  I loved going through so many real history points, like parts of the Civil  War, including Gettysburg.

They had a great cast for the film with Benjamin Walker as Abraham Lincoln and with Anthony Mackie as Lincoln’s childhood friend, Will Johnson, and Dominic Cooper as Lincoln’s teacher Henry Sturgess.  There’s also Jimmi Simpson as Lincoln’s boss and landlord, Joshua Speed.  And of course the movie could not be without Lincoln’s wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, who is played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead.  This is the group of heroes to watch and cheer on in the movie.  Of course we also have our cast of vampires like Jack Barts (Marton Csokas) who is the one that attacked Lincoln’s family.  Then there’s Adam (Rufus Sewell), a leader to the Vampires leading to try and get the United States as a country for the vampires.  With Adam is Vadoma (Erin Wasson), a vampire who knows how to fight and cause a lot of trouble for Lincoln.

The book was written by Seth Grahame-Smith, he also did the screenplay for the movie.  Seth did the screenplay for the movie Dark Shadows, as well.  Abraham Lincoln was directed by Timur Bekmambetov.  The two of them did a great job at bringing a movie to the screen that people could enjoy for some history with an interesting twist. As pointed out though a lot of the story does not match up to facts, so this is a movie for entertainment value only.

I recommend this movie for people who enjoy vampire stories, are fans of Abraham Lincoln, and enjoys action movies and a good story.  The 3D in the film is good, though not required to enjoy this film.

Have you seen Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter?   Please share reviews, comments and questions below.

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