Review: Black TMNT Tin

There was a lot of different things I saw at Toy Fair for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  One of the booths I saw was the Tin Box booth.  They had a few tins and some lunch boxes for TMNT.  I was excited when I found the tins at Toys R Us in Time Square.  This photo is of one tin, each time you turn it there’s a different Turtle.  The top of the tin has a slit for money, so people can use this as a bank.  It says on the top “Never Cross a Ninja”.  This is one of three tins that I plan to review which was on display at their booth.

I really like these tins, as it reminds me of some tin items I got as a child of TMNT which I still have.  Though the artwork on the tin is the same art we’ve been seeing on products since the 2013 Calendar.  My  favorite of the four artwork chosen is the Michelangelo one.  It’s not one of the normal ones we see on all the products so it stands out and is a laugh for any Mikey fan.

The bottom of the Tin has the legal stuff on some stickers, though you can also find this information on the tin itself.  Between Raphael and Michelangelo.  The interesting thing is that this says 2013, when most of the item that I’ve seen come from toy fair has said 2012.  It shows that it was either planning more for the release date when putting the print on here, or that this company joined up with Nickelodeon for these tins very early 2013, before Toy Fair.

Out of the three tins so far this is the only one that I’ve used.  It does not have money in it, but a bag of chocolates I got at the Hershey store in Time Square.  It was a safe way of keeping the Chocolates cool and out of the sun for the drive home.  It remains a safe spot for the chocolate in the living room, easy access for when guests come over to offer them a treat.  A nice display piece which a function that makes it good to have around.

Do you have any of the TMNT Tins from Tin Box?  If so which one?  Which of these images on this one tin is your favorite?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below.

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How much are these tins?