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This week a new fan movie premiered on the internet called “Casey Jones” by Polaris Banks and is based off of Casey Jones from Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  This has been a project in the works for a few years as the trailer had been online for awhile.  I got the chance to watch it the night the movie was up for public viewing and found myself glued to it until the very end.

The story is about Casey Jones, his short temper and how he got into fighting crime. It starts off showing him being a bit of a jerk in a hockey team, where the others are mad at him for not being a team player.  He leaves there after being kicked off the team, while along his way he sees someone tagging a wall and chases the kid off, we then learn he’s at his mother’s.  Later Casey goes out to clean up the mess that the kid was causing only to jumped by the kid and friends, the Purple Dragons.  Casey is beaten and gets determined to take the crime out of his town starting his training.

This movie reflects on a lot of different medias, really giving us a new view of Casey with a lot of things us fans would look for.  From Casey’s mom calling him Arnold to his cousin Sid, the Purple Dragons and the Foot.  Even April O’Neil and a surprise appearance from a character I was not excepting to see.  You see mixtures from these areas all combined into this one movie, showing it is not following any of the stories already out there. 

One of the biggest changes that the movie made though is which turtle Casey first meets.  In all of the official medias out there Casey has always met Raphael first, from Mirage, the movies, and 4Kids.  The only series that didn’t go with this, was the original cartoon series where he met all four Turtles at once.  In this movie, he meets Michelangelo, who is voiced by Robbie Rist.  For those who do not know, Robbie is the voice of Michaelangelo in the original three live action movies. 

The look of this movie is very well done.  I enjoyed the sets a lot as it’s got a New York feel of an area going through a rough time.  They were able to give the movie a great feel with this.  Casey’s costume is awesome, I really like how he dresses like he did in the 4Kids series.  You could look at the 4Kids design of Casey and see him in this movie.  The hardest part for me had to be the Turtle costume.  I know making costumes is not always easy, though I’ve seen a lot better Turtle costumes on the market, even though they can get costly the look does play a huge part in how someone feels about the character.  Michelangelo had great movements, able to fight and have his chucks. 

For the cast, they got a handful of people I’ve never heard of before though they do very well for the roles that they got.  My favorite person is Hilarion Banks.  He looks the part, got the voice down and fits into his costumes nicely.  Really a great choice for the role and would be cool to see him do some more stuff as Casey.  Michelangelo is played by three different people, not sure why if it’s for stunts though the actors behind Michelangelo are Chris Frasier, Marty Moreno and Brian Villalobos.  I’d like to know more about who did what for the character, even in the credits of the original movies stunts, puppeteers and actors were all given their own credits.  April was played by Savannah Welch, she did a decent job for the role.  Though we don’t get to see her interact with any of the other lead characters to really see how this April is off her job.

A nice touch that they did with this film was the pizza guy at the end of the film.  As soon as I heard the line “Gotta get a new route” I knew it had to be someone who played Michelangelo for the movie.  Sure enough the pizza guy was Marty Moreno.  These are small touches I enjoy when added to a film.

This movie is not for children.  Swearing, blood, and lots of violence.  Enjoyable for adult fans who enjoy the Turtles not holding back, just don’t want people to make the mistake to think it has Turtles and is good for kids.

My personal feelings about the movie is that it was fun, really well done for fans and great for anyone who likes attention to details.  The movie is really a fun view into Casey’s life.  The acting is good, the script is great, and the surprises at every turn makes this a movie worth watching and showing to friends.  I do recommend it for people who don’t mind some blood in their films.

My biggest dislike about the film is that Casey started off where he was the one taking out people in his own hockey team.  We don’t get the back story on why Casey is beating up the guys around him, we hear that he’s in the box more and is not part of the team at all.  Instead of feeling for Casey during that scene, it feels more like he’s the bully.  When before, at least for me, Casey usually comes off as someone who’s been in the bullied area so much that he got sick of it and started to fight back against people who were doing bad deeds.  You never see him attack someone over such small issues.

Don’t get me wrong, Casey doesn’t hold back.  He’s not know for holding back.  Though that’s usually against people attacking, stealing or doing bad to him or others around him.  It took a bit for me to start enjoying the movie after that scene, because it did trouble me to see Casey taking on that role.  Even if it was towards Sid, who we know from the comics and 4kids series isn’t the best guy out there, gets himself into trouble... it just felt out of character and place.  After this though, the movie picks up.

My favorite thing about the film was that they went to Robbie Rist to do the voice work for Michelangelo.  I’ve always enjoyed hearing Robbie as Michelangelo so that made this movie even better to me.

It’s very neat to see so many fan projects coming out that are so well done.  Hope to see this keep going, as fans are getting more and more access to make things that other fans can enjoy.  From the new fan made Image Comics to the Casey Jones film, fans know what fans like and are able to make it happen for everyone to enjoy.

If you’ll like to watch this movie check it out at:

P.S.  A funny note about their website, check out their Cast page for Robbie Rist: The photo is with the Turtle head that I own from TMNT 3, taken March 2009 at the Hollywood Star Collector Show in Chicago, IL.  Unless someone else had a camera when he was posing, this is one of the pictures we took.

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Sorry, I don't really keep up where costumes are sold. I know there's some people out there that do some great costumes for people, but I don't know of a website to direct people to for that.

Where can you find a better costume for sale?

Great job on what was probabbly a tiny budget

wow michelle great review i saw the trailer ages back and just saw the movie today i really enjoyed the whole film only one part bugged me the tooth sceene u coiuld see it was a bad prop but in all the rest i loved and i giggled when his mam called him arnold

I couldn't have worded it better myself. I did think that April's voice-over scene did start to lag a little bit though. I would have rather just had some rockin' music to an 80's style training/fight montage.

I loved this movie. Casey Jones is my favorite character from the Ninja Turtles. And this movie is all about him. It makes you want more. It looks like a real movie not a fan movie.