Review: D-Lux Karate with Ernie Reyes Jr

When we cover events here at Cowabunga Corner it is normally planned in advance what event and where we need to travel to.  To see most actors from the Ninja Turtle films, we have to leave Michigan unless they’re coming to a local convention.  On Friday June 21st, 2013 I did not have any events planned out.  My family was just returning from a four night stay at a cabin, and before that Miki and I went out to PA for another gathering.  

So this weekend was to be at home and getting ready for the large trip out west.  With news of a block sale, I left home for a short time giving Lucy a walk.  We went to four yard sales, the first three did not have anything Ninja Turtles.  The 4th had a box with the McDonalds TMNT toys in them.  I went over to pick them up and my phone rang.  Ernie Reyes Jr. called just as I picked up these toys, he wanted to inform me that he was in Michigan doing meet and greets at some Dojos.  With this news my weekend took a different turn, one full of fun, new friends and TMNT!  Check out my video and review here of Ernie in Michigan.

The first day we got to the event very late since we had to wrap up things at the yard sale and drive out to where Ernie was at.  He was at a Dojo on 19 Mile and Mound.  I went in and started to watch, Ernie noticed me fast and came off to the side to say hi to me.  I fastly introduced him to my mother before she had to return to go get a seat.  He went back to teaching his class.  I enjoyed watching his lessons.  It felt strange to be at a Dojo and not training on the floor.  Ernie was teaching the students about reacting to being hit by a punch, how it works on sets at movies.  After the lesson he did a group photo with the class and signed some autographs.  At that time I got to introduce him to my dad as well, and we took a few pictures.  I talked to the owner of the D-Lux Dojo there and got an invite to cover his event for Cowabunga Corner.

Saturday Miki and I got there a little later than we wanted, as traffic and weather was not working for us.  Once we got there I set up a camera to videotape the lessons that Ernie was teaching.  Then I went and talked with the people at the counter, telling them that I have some rare Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle items if they want to display any for people to see I would be happy to share.  Once they agreed I brought in Leonardo’s head and Raphael’s samurai mask from TMNT III.  I also had with me Tokka’s hand, Mikey’s combat cold cuts a TGRI Ooze canister, and a TGRI jumpsuit from TMNT II.  For those interested I had in my bag original comic artwork and sketches from TMNT artists.  We set them up for display as a crowd gathered to see the movie props.  I went back to watch the rest of the class Ernie was teaching, finding myself talking to many TMNT fans there at the event.  

Between classes Ernie did a meet and greet with fans.  Where he answered some questions, then did an autograph line.  They set my movie props on a table behind him during the meet and greet, so Ernie decided to call me up to introduce myself and the props I brought.  After that I sat down and watched as the crowd got to ask him questions about his career.  When everyone lined up I was happy to see a face in the crowd that I know from Facebook.  This was my first time meeting Jermaine in person, though we have chatted online before.  Earlier this year he won one of the giveaways we did on Cowabunga Corner and I was surprised to see he was local to where I live.  This was a good meet up as we got to chat a little.

After watching the autograph session for a little bit, I went out and started to talk to people as they left.  A few of the people agreed to do interviews for the Cowabunga Corner fan interview episode.  So we filmed those in front of the Dojo.  Everyone was real nice and friendly.  We had a good time with some laughs.  I even bought some TMNT stuff as D-Lux Karate has a wall of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles merchandise that had some cool items.

When the meet and greet was over I went out and got my movie props bringing them back out where we had them originally displayed.  We got to talk to some of the other workers there at the Dojo.  Everyone was really cool to talk with, as each had their own TMNT stories about their fandom to share.  The entrance of the building was more of a store, as the dojo itself was through another set of doors.  In the store they had a very cool wall set up with four tv sets showing the dojo live time.  There was another TV inside the store showing Ninja Turtles II: The secret of the Ooze and one more TV set facing outside playing the Nickelodeon TMNT DVD “Rise of the Turtles”.  All these features brought together gave everyone something different and interesting to look at.

We got to tape the second class as well, I would go in and check on the camera though found myself in the lobby a lot talking to the people there.  One of my favorite things to do is spend time with fellow TMNT fans.  Once the other class was over Ernie did some more autographs and photos, then we got to do a short interview with him before wrapping things up.

Overall it was a fantastic day for anyone who went.  I only heard praises from the crowd in how happy they were and how worth it was to come to this event.  Ernie is a Master, he’s been doing Martial Arts most of his life.  The skills and lessons he has to teach are things that everyone can learn from.  D-Lux is looking to bring Ernie back for a Tournament in Spring 2014.  We will update when this event is so our viewers whom are interested can plan a trip to meet Ernie Reyes Jr.

Did you go to this event?  Did you learn anything from what Ernie had to share?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below.

Video Credits

Guest: Ernie Reyes jr.

Host: Michele Ivey

Camera: Michele and Miki Ivey

Location: D-Lux Karate

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Sounds like you had an awesome time! It's really cool to see Ernie sharing his knowledge of martial arts and the principals that come with it.