Review: Disney Star Wars Weekends

On May 25th 2013, my dad and I took our annual trip down to Disney’s Star Wars Weekends. This is an event that occurs at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando Florida every year for 4 weekends from May to June. The event features Star Wars themed activities and behind the scenes experiences involving the movies, as well as the animated Clone Wars television series. This year, the guest list included someone I was very happy to meet, Jim Cummings, who portrayed Leatherhead in the original TMNT animated series. Leatherhead is my all time favorite TMNT character. Needless to say, I was very honored to be have met the man who brought him to life in his first animated appearance.

I would like to first thank my friends, Bernie and Emil, for getting me into the park. Without them, none of this would have happened. I first went to the autograph lines, which were about to close. I was able to get a standby pass for Jim, as the regular passes were already distributed. This meant I would be admitted to the line time permitting.

With the park just opening and the streets just starting to fill up, we made our way to the east side of the park. It’s always nice walking down the streets of Hollywood Studios in the morning, as the weather is nice and you can listen to the music that plays in the area. First, we went to the merchandise tent. There, I picked up this year’s exclusive Disney Star Wars figure (Luke Skywalker Mickey) and the new Muppets figure two pack (Uncle Deadly as the Emperor and Gonzo as Vader). After that, we decided to take a Disney detour and ride Tower of Terror, which is always a blast.

Then it came time for the autograph lines. I arrived at the first time because I knew my pass wasn’t guaranteed. I would have been able to try two more times had I not made it this one. I waited in line as the regular passes went on through. When it came down to the final members of the line, The Disney cast member asked Jim if he would like to see us standbys, to which he said “bring em on!”.

When I got to the table, the first thing Jim did was look at my TMNT shirt and say “How did you know!”. I then showed him the picture of Leatherhead I had brought with me. He told me that I was the first Leatherhead he had signed at the event!

Jim Cummings and Dakota

Jim was incredibly awesome, and even spoke to me as Leatherhead! It was a conversation I’ll never forget, and it was an honor speaking to him.

After I met Jim, Me and my Dad went to a special show being done for the event, Star Wars: Behind The Voices. It was awesome seeing Jim perform some of his voices on stage, and he even did a scene with his Clone Wars castmates Ashley Eckstein and James Arnold Taylor! I had been to this show every year, but this was by far the best one yet!

We finished off  Star Wars Weekends by riding  Star Tours: The Adventure continues. I always have fun at this event, but this year was truly spectacular. I was able to not only meet Jim(and Leatherhead!), but have a fun day with fellow Star Wars fans in the happiest place on earth!

Written by: Dakota Boles

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We ahd a great time!! Jim was very courtious and talked with Dakota for a while after signing.