Review: Disney's FROZEN

Sometimes things come between families.  Bad things that make people cold and bitter.  Often in movies they display this and use it to twist the films to have an edge of drama where the family fight each other.  Something bad happens and the family problems grow from it.  Though Disney’s FROZEN has taken the spin of bad things, adding their own twist to make it so the family is not filled with only hate.  This is their new movie coming to theaters, and we just happen to have a review of it here. 


This movie is about two sisters, the older sister has a secret.  One which she use to be proud of, but after hurting her younger sister she was never to talk of it again.  Her younger sister does not remember the secret, nor being hurt.  This causes the older sister to have to hide away, to keep her secret hidden.  Placing a drift between these two sisters.  Once older the younger sister learns of the secret and bad stuff happens, which is where the real story begins.


When I first saw the split happening between the sister’s, I thought for sure one of two things was going to happen.  The old sister was going to go evil because of her secret driving her crazy.  Or the younger sister could go evil for being kept out of the family secret.  One way or another, I really did think they were about to follow a road traveled on often.  Though they took another path and surprised me, keeping the bond of these sister’s strong. 


This movie feels as if the main plot could of came from Miyazaki, the creator of animes such as “Spirited Away” and “Totoro”.  A film where the plot is not focused so much on a villain as much as a bad spot that the heroes must find their way out of.  Giving the film that disney twist of side characters.  For me, this was a new feeling to connect to a Disney movie, and it would of been neat to see the movie go on with no bad guy.  Though there is one in the film, which is what pulls it back to the traditional Disney animated films of good vs. evil.  Or does it?


There is a lot of music in “FROZEN”.  The characters burst into songs throughout the film.  I personally like movies with heavy music, so this works for me.  It is a musical with as many songs as they have.  When checking IMDB Kristen Anderson-Lopez has credit for the song Lyrics, she is also credited for the music in “Winnie the Pooh”  back in 2011.  


FROZEN is not the only reason I recommend this movie.  There is a short Mickey Mouse cartoon before the movie called “Get a Horse” bringing the black and white Mickey cartoons to the big screen.  I’m not a huge Mickey Mouse fan, but I did really enjoy this short.  I can’t go into detail of what I liked, other than you have to see it with your own eyes.  


I do recommend the movie FROZEN it is a family fun film.  The 3D is very well done.  The story is inspiring and fun.  There is action when needed.  And fun goofy characters that are not too overpowering.  I was surprised and loved this film, going in knowing very little of the movie.  I do not wish to spoil it for anyone.  Just go see it for yourself!


Have you seen FROZEN?  What is your thoughts on the film?  Please share all reviews, questions and comments below!

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