Review: Donatello TMNT 2014 Movie Action Figure

Donatello is often known as the nerd or geek of the Turtles.  Because he’s into science and plays the smart role.  At first Donatello like all the Turtles looked much like his brothers.  He did not have any real nerdy appearances.  Even in the original movies, they were able to pull him off as just being him, looking normal.  The Next Mutation was the first area that attempted to make him more nerdy turning his bo staff into a gadget  Adding all the pockets to his belt for gadgets.  Still he looked much like his brothers.  Till Nickelodeon made him taller with a gap tooth.  And now we get the new movie.  Here is my review of the TMNT 2014 movie Donatello Action Figure.

Personally I don’t mind some nerdy touches.  I enjoy the gap tooth in the new Nickelodeon series, and prefer art of his mouth open instead of closed.  Though the new movie seems to be pushing that nerd side of him to the extreme by putting gadgets all over his shell, making his bo staff a gadget, pockets on the belt, Ipad holsters, gap tooth and glasses.  Not just glasses, though tap around the glasses to hold them together.  It just feels like they’re pushing too hard on making Donatello into the classic nerd.  Let’s see how it plays out in the movie.

Having picked up the toy for Donatello, I have looked it over and compared it to the movie images I’ve seen of his character.  Since I did this video I have watched the trailer a lot more times, and have seen things I did not notice my first time seeing it.  His bo extending, which is why it would look so different.  Would of been cool if the action figure bo did extend by the press of a button, and have some where on his belt that could carry the smaller size.  Or if they put two staffs in the package so he has a small one and a large one.  Much like they did with the Lion-O Action figure in Thundercats.

These toys move a lot more than original TMNT toys back in the 1990’s, which does work for me.  Though at the same time, I’m getting use to the new looks.  As I mentioned early on in my thoughts of the Turtle’s designs, we should not have to get use to looks of characters that we already know and love.  Though, one thing TMNT has always been about is not judging someone by their looks.  So giving these characters a chance is a part of TMNT history.  I do feel that this Donatello looks skinny compared to the one I see on the screen.  Not sure if this choice was made just to not make Raphael look too big, or for all the details to fit on him.

While I am getting use to these designs I have to admit that I love the thrill of collecting the new toys and do feel that these are a part of my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collection.  I don’t know if I would feel that my collection could be true without supporting the new film.  And I have seen kids at stores getting excited about the new toys.  I have even watched the decrease of the toys on the shelves in the matter of days, showing that these are selling.  Giving hope that people will get over the design and give this movie the chance that every film deserves.

If you want to see my reaction to the Donatello toy, from opening to comparing him to other Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action figures, please watch the video at the top of this write up!  I have fun going over the details of the toy, including pointing out something in the film that did not make it to the action figure.  I do recommend this toy to fans of TMNT, in helping support this new Universe of toys from Playmates Toys.  I also recommend that every fan see the film at least once, to truly judge if they like it. 

Do you have the new Donatello TMNT 2014 Action Figure?  If so, what is your thoughts on this toy?  All reviews, comments and questions are welcomed below.

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