Review: Fright Night 2012

One of the things I do often is go to conventions.  I find it very cool to meet the actors behind the tv shows and movies that I enjoy.  It's neat to hear their stories, and through conventions, I often find new things to check into.  So when I heard of Fright Night Film Fest in Louisville, KY with guests such as Corey Feldman and Sean Astin, I knew this could be a convention I was interested in attending.  I chose this convention to be the beginning of my cross country trip to San Diego for Comic Con International 2012.  Here is my review of Saturday, June 30th at Fight Night Film Fest!

My sister, Miki, and I got to the convention shortly before the dealer room opened.  We got in a long line to go into the dealer room. I was surprised to meet a Facebook friend, Josh, and his friends.  They were standing directly in front of us in line.  So we talked Ninja Turtles as the line started to go in.

Right away, I was confused once we got into the convention.  There were a lot of doors, no good labels of where to go and the paper they gave us with registration did not even have a layout map.  Overall, I was disappointed with the way this convention was ran.  I went to the dealer room, found an autograph area but the guests I was there to see were not in the autograph area.  So I go out into the hall, there's lines and doors, but none of the doors had the names of the guests I wanted to meet for autographs.

After talking to some workers of the convention, we found out what room Sean was going to be in for autographs.  I also learned that they were charging $30 per an autograph.  That's more than I was excepting.  Last time I got Corey's autograph it was $20 for a photo or $15 on your own stuff.  I only had $50 for autograph spending, which meant I could only get one autograph.  You could not buy the autograph at the table with the guests or even in the same room.  You had to go back to the registration booth, get into a long line, and pay there to get an autograph ticket.  This felt like a lot of run around for nothing.

I got my autograph ticket and decided that I'll get an autograph from Sean.  So we waited in a line outside of the autograph room.  Once you got up front of the line they asked you who you were there to see and would keep you in the hall until that line died down enough to let you in.

This drove me nuts.  I saw some guests in there without a line, I'm sure there were people stuck in this line that wanted to see those other guests.  Though because they was behind me, they did not get asked who they were there to see and they would have to wait for Sean's line to get smaller before they could get close enough to be asked who they were there for.  This was a really bad set up.  I've been to a lot of conventions, seen a lot of autograph session setups, and have stood in many lines for autographs.  This, though, had to be one of the most confusing and worse setups I've seen.

Once we got into the room, I got into the line for Sean with my ticket.  I talked with other people in line and looked over seeing Corey had a line just as long.  I was amused though as I did see him autograph a TMNT 1 DVD.  Once I got up to Sean, I had him sign my first Nickelodeon TMNT Shirt, which I got Spring 2011.  He talked about how funny Greg Cipes was during recording.  I asked him about an interview and gave him a Cowabunga Corner card.  I don't think I'll get a reply on that, though felt it was worth asking.  We talked shortly about TMNT, then I left and went to the panel room.

I spent the rest of this day sitting in the panel room as each panel was great.  Though again, the convention really screwed up with their set up.  This has to be a new convention because these set ups could of been done better.  They got a good venue, but they just really had bad choices in how to run it.  We walked into the panel room and about 3/4 of the floor was reserved for people with VIP badges.  Anyone without a VIP badge would be stuck in the back of the room.  There were less than two rows of people sitting in the VIP section as the rest of us were trapped in the back.  They give less VIP seating at San Diego Comic Con International, which is a much, much larger event.  We were trapped in this back area for one panel, the All Things Horror panel.

In the All Things Horror panel were Sid Haig, Andy Barclay, and Christine Elise Mccarthy.  The panel was fun, as I really enjoy the Chucky films.  It went on with cool panels as we got Walking Dead guests such as Jeffrey Demunn, Iron E Sigleton, Madison Lintz and Savana Wehunt, a panel with Bruce Campbell, and an All Things Sci-fi panel with Gareth David-Lloyd, Colin Ferguson and Peter Davison.

Each panel had their own thing that kept the show amusing.  With Walking Dead, there was the interesting talks about make up and the differences in the seasons.  The guy who played Dale was there, which was one of my favorite characters in Walking Dead, so it was cool to see him.

Bruce had fellow panelists who worked on Evil Dead 2 with him and he made sure that they did not sit quiet.  Once he realized the questions were all coming his way, he stopped taking people's questions and asked his fellow panelist some fun questions to get them more into the panel.  I thought that was great.  Bruce did some fun stuff, including a prank call to a lady’s husband.  It could of been more fun if the guy wasn't just waking up from a nap.

The All Things Sci-fi panel had a very funny introduction as we watched as two buckets were carried into the room.  In the buckets were Jello Shots!  If you asked a question, you got a Jello Shot.  The actors on stage were having a blast with this, drinking the Jello Shots and giving them out.  This got me curious so I did ask a question, a simple question I've heard at many panels then I tried the Jello Shot and WOW were they strong!  Vodka!  I got a few more when the panel was over.  During the panel we had a lot of Doctor Who jokes since Peter Davison played the Fifth Doctor.

The last panel that we stayed for was the Goonies and Lord of the Rings panel.  Of course this was where Corey and Sean were along with John Rhys-Davies.  I sat through this panel and near the end of the panel I got a question in asking about how they got their jobs on Ninja Turtles.  The funny thing is that Sean seems to think this is a secret, when his name was given out last year by Nickelodeon to the public.  It's on websites, even IMDB, and has not really been a secret.  Though he seems to think that the names of the voice actors is under wrap.  I did not have the chance to talk to him after the panel to tell him that this news is out.  Though I wanted to share this video of their answers.

After this panel was over, Miki and I left the convention.  Overall they had great guests, though the convention was ran poorly.  Their autograph areas were scattered with no proper map or information paper on where to find the guests and what times.  The program you get at registration was paper stapled together with no maps on it to show where the panel rooms were, no information about the guests in the panel and really done cheaply.  We learned there were a program people could buy for $5, but even that did not have a map layout.  The only maps we learned of were the ones built into the walls of the hotel.  The panel room were saving most of the room for VIPs, giving only the bad seats for the people who were not VIP.  Thankfully the guests at most of the panels let us move up into the VIP section.  And lastly there were no mods in the panels, so everyone at the beginning of each panel assumed everyone in the room knew who they were and went straight into Q & A.  The amusing part were the guests all had guards, not just handlers who help the guests to panels, but guards.  They could get guards, but not find someone to help run the panels?   For a new convention, they got a lot to learn, but it's cool they brought all these guests out to see the fans.  I do not think I will return to this convention unless they have a guest I really want to meet.

Did you go to Fright Night?  If so what was your thoughts of the event?   All comments and questions are welcomed!  - All posts are monitored so they will not post until they're approved by the Cowabunga Corner Staff.

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