Review: Half Shell Heroes Leo, Shredder and Foot Ninja


One of my favorite things last year from Playmates Toys has been the Half Shell Heroes toy line.  With a lot of them still left to share, these toys are a blast.  Their designs are fun for people of all ages, they’re easy for transportation and they don’t have small pieces to lose.  In this review I talk about two different sets Half Shell Heroes Patrol Buggy with Leonardo and Shredder and Foot Solider Figures.

I love the attention to detail that they have been adding to these toys.  Like taking the time to try and match his helmet up to the one he wears in the show.  I also really do like how they do their paint job on these toys, the Foot Ninja looks great.  Check out the video review for my full reaction to these sets of Half Shell Heroes.

Have you picked up this Leonardo set or the Shredder and Foot Ninja set?  If so, what are your thoughts?  All reviews, comments and questions are welcomed below.


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