Review: Half Shell Heroes Rippin Rider, Biker Don, Splinter and April


When it comes to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles products I normally have a lot of great things to share.  The Half Shell Heroes has been a great example as I love that series.  So many great characters based on the Nickelodeon TMNT series.  Here is my review of Rippin Rider with Driver Donatello, and the Splinter and April Figures.

Donatello is great.  I love the ride, I like how simple it is though at the same time a fun toy for kids.  It has a weapon on it, and the side car comes off.  It’s something fans can have fun playing around with great for kids.  I highly recommend this toy to people as it stands true to how I’ve been feeling about the Half Shell Heroes set.

Splinter and April are two toys that fall short of what I’m looking for in TMNT toys.  Splinter isn’t as bad as April, I would most likely still buy Splinter.  April… she needs to be redesigned.  Want to know why I feel this way?  Watch the video review.

I filmed this review a month ago.  Along with many other Holiday videos, doing work around the house and in the middle of a move along with the Holiday season, it takes a bit to do the editing for all these videos.  Which has given me a little bit of time to share stories about these toys if there’s stories to tell.  Well April has given me stories to share, she is my disappearing toy.

Out of all of the toys that I have opened recently I’ve been able to keep track where most of them are.  With building up the set, having backpacks for the toys not in use.  And a TMNT soft box with more toys in it.  Most of my toys is not at this location since since we are in the middle of a move, making it very easy to find whatever I’m looking for. 

April has made herself a bit of a conversation piece for me.  I take her out to show people why I have a bit of a dislike of her design.  For some odd reason she’s almost always gone.  One time I was getting ready to leave and I tossed her back into my room, onto the bed.  When I came home I couldn’t find her on the bed, searched for a day for her.  I even moved my bed to search under it.  Finally decided to search the other side of the room, found her in a corner of the room behind the set!  I can’t even normally get back there, and don’t see how she could of fell back there.  Really surprised me.

This has become a thing around here.  Where is April.  I set all of the Half Shell Hero toys together for display behind me while I film.  Yet she keeps disappearing from the set.  Even as I get this video ready to upload, I want to take the cover photo and April is missing.  This is the first of the current videos where the cover photo is snapped from the video, since I do not want to tear the room apart to find the mystery April.  I know that when I don’t need her, I’ll stumble into her which is how it has been working out.  I have not taken these toys out of this room, so I know she’s here.

There’s a short story about April.

Do you have the Half Shell Heroes Rippin Rider with Driver Don and/or the April and Splinter two pack?  If so what do you think of these toys?  Do you share my  feelings about April’s design or do you like it?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below!


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