Review: Half Shell Heroes Tiger Claw, Newtralizer, Bebop and Rocksteady


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys are everywhere these days.  I see them on TV, in flyers, newspapers and internet websites.  It’s great to see them doing so well for another Holiday season.  I get to the store and the toys are off the shelves, in people’s carts at the register, being carried by fans and hidden in that spot so someone can come back to buy what they’re looking for.  Just loving this buzz of TMNT passion that is flying around.  To keep the Holiday feel of reviews going, here is my review of the Half Shell Heroes sets Tiger Claw with Newtralizer and Bebop with Rocksteady. 

These are two more of the Half Shell Heroes sets.  The first set I opened was Tiger Claw and Newtralizer.  I found a few things interesting here.  Tiger Claw does not have his eye patch, which means it’s before he fought the classic Ninja Turtles and his tail is not painted.  This is one mistake they should’ve had fixed since the tail is still one of those mysteries that fans are curious about.  It is a detail we would notice.  With Newtralizer, he looks pretty cool.  He’s got a bright orange belly and these big eyes that I really like.

Bebop and Rocksteady really do seem a bit more kid like in these toys.  Bebop is much more built up than he should be.  And Rocksteady has these bright colors, they even colored the star on his belt, which is not colored in the show itself.  Rocksteady does come with his hammer.  These are fun characters to have in the collection, so I’m excited I was somehow able to find them.

I highly recommend the Half Shell Heroes for either young fans who like to take toys with them where they go.  As they don’t have extra pieces to lose.  Or collectors who like to have their toys on display.  The Half Shell Heroes toys are great for putting together fun displays even with the other Playmates Toys Ninja Turtle lines.  These would make great gifts for the Holiday Season.

These are from Playmates Toys.  The company that has stayed with the TMNT for the longest time, and helped make the Turtles to be what they are today.  Please do take the time to check their websites:






Do you have the Half Shell Heroes set of Tiger Claw with Newtralizer?  Or the Bebop and Rocksteady set?  If so, what are your thought on these toys?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below!


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