Review: "The Hobbit"

TheHobbitMiddle Earth once again is brought to life on the big screen in Peter Jackson’s newest film “The Hobbit”.  Based on the book, Peter went in and brought the characters to life and on a roller coaster of adventures.  I was thrilled when we got tickets to this movie.  With knowing how great the Lord of the Ring saga was, I knew this was a not to miss movie.  I have not read the books, though I have seen the old animated movie of the Hobbit, a long time ago, which I barely remember.  So my review of this film is from the mind of someone new to the story and not comparing to the book.

The Hobbit is the story of Bilbo Baggins, a hobbit, who enjoys living his normal safe life at home.  An unexpected visitor changed all of this for Bilbo when Gandalf showed up, Bilbo had no clue who this wizard was until he heard the name.  A name he knew from his childhood.  Gandalf tries to invite the young hobbit on an adventure, though Bilbo has no interest in leaving.  Before leaving Gandalf leaves a mark on Bilbo’s front door, which in turns brings a band of Dwarfs to Bilbo’s home.  These dwarfs had a mission, to take back their home that was within a Mountain as a Dragon chased them all out of their home.  This Dragon has not been seen for 60 years now.  Gandalf wants Bilbo to join the trip as the robber for these Dwarfs.

Bilbo is at odds with this, though does decide to join in on this adventure.  Which leads them down many different dangerous paths.  Fighting all sorts of creatures.  Meeting new friends along the way, and finding challenges within themselves.  As this group of 14 travels learn about each other and become a strong team together.

From beginning to end this movie is truly breathtaking.  With scenery in which could blow the mind, seeing all sorts of places around the planet and just enjoying the world being brought back to life.  With new and dangerous creatures from Trolls, giant spiders, Goblins and more!  And each of these characters had their own looks to them, showing that even if there’s a race of them that they do not all look the same.  And when talking and moving they had personalities that were all their own.  Making this movie seem all the more realistic.  As Peter Jackson has done a wonderful job bringing this moving to life.

I personally enjoyed so much of the character growth through the film, as Bilbo has to come to terms with himself on if this was the best choice to join these Dwarfs.  I like how Bilbo is always watching for Gandalf, as if he’s the piece of this puzzle that is making him feel safe on the journey.  And watching him change and grow as he comes to realize that this group has to do this journey and he can be of real help to them.  Changing from the scared hobbit he started off to, to being a fine strong character who will stand up for his new friends.  Finding his own strengths.

I also enjoyed the details put into every scene, you can see so much just staring at the screen and just know that if you pause the screen you’ll be able to find even more.  Critters moving in the background, details to the land around, characters moving, waterfalls, life... it just made the movie feel so alive.  A world in which you can go too.  This is something I also felt from the Lord of the Ring films, and it carries over nicely into this movie.  From the sets to the green screens it is hard to tell the difference.  An impressive look and feel.  Seeing it in 3D only adds to the feeling with the depth that this is a real world that you could go and visit.

The cast brought in for this film was great with Ian McKellen returning for his role as Gandalf.  Martin Freeman is brought in as Bilbo, as Ian Holm does return from Lord of the Ring as the older Bilbo.  Even Elijah Wood makes a brief appearance in the movie as Frodo.  A lot of new faces to the franchise, all that add their own touch to the movie helping create it to be the masterpiece it has become.  This includes one of my favorite Dwarfs, Balin played by Kenn Scott.  The casting director did a great job with each of these characters, the make up artist took what was given to them and made it so these people were no longer just human, and with the helps of effects and the directing of Peter Jackson they left this world to give us Middle Earth.

This is a movie one must see for themselves to truly enjoy.  So I will not be going into spoilers of the show.  For there is just way too much to this one movie to give it all away in a written review.  I will say that my favorite scene has to do with a game of riddles.

As a treat for our readers here is video from the Comic Con International “The Hobbit” panel of 2012.


Have you seen “The Hobbit”?  What is your thoughts on this movie?  Please share Reviews, comments and questions below!

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