Review: IDW Friendship is Magic 3 and 4


Since the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic comics started to come out back in November, I have been trying to keep up with them in review.  Though to my surprise issue four came out, without me even realizing that issue 3 hit the stands.  I did some research and found that issue 3 came out around the time of Toy Fair 2013.  I know I was very distracted at that time.  So if there is anyone trying to keep up with my MLP reviews, I am sorry that I fell behind.  For that reason I am reviewing issues 3 and 4 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in this one post.

Issue 3 of the MLP Comics starts with Spike sharing the story of how Queen Chrysalis got to the point she is at now, from where we saw her in the TV series.  And what her true goal is in this mission she’s set the Pony’s out on.  As she wants to get Twilight Sparkle for messing everything up for her.  Which brings us to where we left off in issue 2.  Twilight Sparkle and her crew are split up from each other.  Each realizing that they need to find the other groups and make up for their fights.  As they all have their own mission to face.  Hoping to come together before reaching the Evil Queen.

This was a fun issue.  Each mission given, was something that the Evil Queen would get a laugh out of.  She had spies watching each group and reporting what happened to her.  Staying up to date on how her evil plan was going.  I got a laugh out of Bitey, an evil bunny that Pinkie Pie named.  This issue felt more like a filler at times though.  They wanted it to be a four parter when it really could've been a three part story.   The best thing that came out of the comic was learning what Queen Chrysalis was up too.

MyLittlePony04-cvrRE-DFIssue 4 came out today and this issue I’ve been waiting for.  Queen Chrysalis goes face to face with Twilight Sparkle and her friends, as they come to save the Cutie Mark Crusaders.  During the fight a comet comes that makes power users stronger.  It is up to Twilight Sparkle to save her friends so they can all leave.

This issue was more of a let down than I thought it would be for me.  I like to see where it takes all of the characters to win.  Where there’s a big effort of team work.  Sadly though the others were just the support team of telling Twilight Sparkle how great she is.  I realized this when they were still heading inside at the beginning of the issue.  How many best magic user comments were made.  That made me worried.  And as I connected that we learned Chrysalis is after Twilight Sparkle, I realized that this story has gone from a group story to a solo story.  For me, that was a disappointment.

The writing was still good, the art was good.  The only thing here was it felt like a forced ending to the plot.  Personally I felt that Applejack and Rarity should of been the two main characters good characters in this fight.  It was their sister’s that was in danger.  Instead we get the only real pony to fight was Twilight.  And worse of all this was the total wrap up to this four part story, they are leaving this story and going to a new one next time.  Everyone in the story is happy with how things ended.  There is no crushed feeling from Applejack to know that she was not really needed when it came to saving her sister.  It just becomes the “Twilight Sparkle is the Best” fan club.  So the ending left me with a bitter sweet taste.

I will keep up with the MLP Comics.  As I know we’re going to see other stories where the other characters will shine.  I really did enjoy the Micro Series issue for Twilight Sparkle.  And I had fun reading these comics, it was only the ending that disappointed me.  I hope to see better wrap ups where it does not feel just rushed or forced onto one character.

Did you read these My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Comic books?  What was your thoughts on how they wrapped things up?  Share your reviews, comments and questions below!

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