Review: IDW Micro Series Villains Hob

In the first issue of IDW's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles we learned of a new villain. This mutant cat who was out to destroy the Turtles. He hated them, and had some history with the Turtles. Though the question often rises why this cat is as bad as he was. Now IDW is sharing with us their Villian Micro Series helping wrapping up some of the questions. This month's TMNT Micro Series issue is all about Old Hob. Let's find out just how this cat went down the road where he works with Stockman on trying to kill the Turtles. Here is my review of IDW TMNT Villain Micro Series #3.

This issue starts off with Old Hob standing on a roof top over looking New York City. He's talking to someone who is out of sight. Going on about how humans is their problem. He points out who he's talking to has never been a pet, as he goes into his story of being a pet cat. Belonging to a boy, enjoying his life. Though the kid did not do his chore of cleaning the litter box and the mother threw Hob out. As the kid cries that his cat is going to die out there, the mother says it's his own fault.

I really like this, it's an example of something that could happen in real life. Gives Hob a reason to be a mean kitty. His comfortable life was taken from him, because of something he could not control. It gives real depth to his character. And I am now curious if we will see Billy again, so he can see what his cat has grown into. Hearing him talk to the character off the screen though, is as if they're trying to keep that part a mystery. For those of us who remember the last time we saw Hob he teamed up with Slash, so it was clear to me who he had to be talking too.

It shows him now living on the street and having problems. Needing to fight for his food. How he had to fight for food when he found it. Which shows when he finds the Turtles and goes after one of them. A rat comes out to defend the Turtle, while the green stuff that was on the Turtle started to burn his mouth. The rat attacked his eye. Something was wrong here. He thought he was dieing, though this is when he mutated. It hurt bad.

Oh I how wish I could just paint the image of this artwork into words as good as they do on the page. Showing the pain, the mutation, the fear, the changing. Dave Wachter really caught the artwork in this comic. Truly a great skill which brings the pain of mutation straight to the foreground. Only thing he drew different than I would picture is it looks like he mad the Turtles, Sea turtles. Not something I would picture when thinking of the guys.

When Hob woke up, he found he was changed. Over hearing some humans realizing they are looking for the Turtles and rat, he decides to work with the humans. Stockman and Chet did many tests on Hob. Through the test Hob realized that these humans did not care for him. Hob took this time to learn about Ooze and Mutagen. Hob wanted to seek out his revenge on the rat that hurt him. He convinces Stockman to let him go hunting for them.

These pages have so much more to them as I share here. The expressions, the depths in his thoughts, and just the way he went about these actions. Written by Jason Ciaramella, this story really does catch through and has the right feeling. I'm getting more and more pulled in with each page, excited to hear Hob's side of the story. There's still much to this story, from how he gets his gang, to loosing to the Turtles and just where they stand now. The biggest surprise comes on the last page that has me excited to see where this ends up. Tying straight into the City Fall story.

Once again IDW has me excited through another great issue. Their work is always top notch and keeping me on my toes where they're going next. All the differences added to these favorite characters shows that no matter where we go, something exciting is just around the corner.

Have you read TMNT Micro Series #3 : Old Hob? If so what is your thoughts? Please share all reviews, comments and questions below!

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Poor Hub, he doesn't seem to get a brake. I hope they might add him in the Nick Cartoon soon. Oh, have you seen the LEGO the Movie trailer yet?