Review IDW Micro TMNT #8 Fugitoid

As I’ve been reading the IDW comics, I keep getting more impressed with the new roads each of the characters are taking.  Recently, we’re getting so many issues back to back it’s amazing to see all of these comics still throwing surprises at us.  Today a new issue came to stand, it’s the last set of the eight Micro Series issues, and this time it’s about the Fugitoid.  I was wondering how they were going to throw him into the mix as we already had so much going on with the IDW comics.  Where could a new character come in and how will just pumping the story with characters help move the story along?  Though as I read the issue, I saw they were not throwing in a new character to the story at all, just giving us history of someone who has been in the IDW TMNT series since issue one.

In the past we’ve known Fugitoid is from another world and a brilliant man known as Prof. Honeycutt.  He created the transportational device that two armies want to use to take over other planets causing a war in trying to get the Fugitoid.  Trapped in his robot, Sal’s body he’s on the run.  Though the two armies show up a few times they are not the leading villains for the Turtles, just another adventure.  So we now go through a new history for Fugitoid, new abilities, and all the while keeping him the same type of character with just a richer and much more connected history to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

We start off seeing Sal going through some test, he’s a robot that Dr. Honeycutt made for a group that took him in. Originally with lies of saving a race, now only for it to be seen the truth... they are the bad guys.  This all being explained to us through Honeycutt’s thoughts as if we’re hearing a story.  We see in the test that Sal can shape change to look like other creatures and withstand high heat.  All while being controlled by Dr. Honeycutt’s mind.  His co-workers are impressed.  Though we soon learn that the ones he’s working for is Krang and his Rock Soldier army.

Right away with this comic you start to feel for the characters as the writing by Paul Allor is really well done.  And the look and feel seems great, the art is from Paul Mccaffrey.   It seemed a bit odd to me at first to see the long pointed ears on Dr. Honeycutt, I kept thinking of Star Trek.  I did not make the connection that the ears was really pointing at, till a little later in this comic.

Now we come in to see Krang talking to Baxter through a view screen.  At this time I did not know if this was past or present, because Krang is not wearing his clothes that hide his true identity from Baxter.  I do not know if Baxter was suppose to see Krang as well during this call or if it was a one way view screen.  Baxter is wanting scientist and Krang is saying he’s got enough, as Honeycutt enters the room.  He listens to Honeycutt’s report, but does not seem impressed as we hear Honeycutt’s thoughts over this as if we are in the past and he’s telling us his story.  Though why would Baxter be on a view screen with Krang showing himself?  Honeycutt is disappointed with himself for not doing anything to stop Krang while there.
I read this page a few times, as I am trying to place how soon or long ago this story took place.  Though I had to go on to see, it still throws me off that Baxter was on that view screen.  I do like seeing just the lost of hope in Dr. Honeycutt’s eyes while there, seeing the danger that lies ahead though feeling useless to stop it.  It’s a content but depressed expression really well displayed in the art and story.  This one page is a great way of just showing how life was there, and just that he’s been under Krang for awhile.  Wonderfully done.

Once home for the evening, we learn that this Dr. Honeycutt has a family, a wife and son.  The son realizes that his father works for Krang and about the evil connected.  Though he’s not depressed his dad is helping Krang Conquer other worlds.  Once the boy goes to bed, his wife steps up and convinces Dr. Honeycutt it’s time to leave.

These two pages of his family life, shows how much he cares but at the same time how scared and almost how dead inside Honeycutt really is.  The very last panel, his eyes just look as if he’s lost hope, but it’s clear he’ll try for his wife.  They seem to have had this talk over and over, and this was finally the moment that she really got through to him.  I feel for Honeycutt.

Following the talk with his wife it shows Honeycutt doing what needs to be done in getting away.  He deletes his records from Krang’s computers, steals Sal in pieces, and packs up with his wife and child joining the Resistance.

This is when I realized, when I saw the man looking out of the Resistance vehicle.  Not only is he joining the Neutrino’s... Dr. Honeycutt IS a Neutrion!  What a weird and wonderful connection to the Turtles.  Combining Dr. Honeycutt from the Mirage and 4Kids world, who has always been an alien with an alien race that we all know from the original cartoon series.  A twist that is done so well.  These are not the Neutrions that we knew back in the day, these are warriors fighting back instead of playing.  And now Honeycutt has joined their team in fighting.  A part of me is even more excited about Honeycutt’s history now, as I love these new and unexpected twists that IDW keeps throwing at us.

We get a time now, Twenty Months Ago.  Almost two years ago.  The Neutrions now have Dr. Honeycutt working on an Interdimensional portal.  Krang had one already.  Though the tests were not coming out to Honeycutts liking, the Neutrion working with Honeycutt is angry at these results.  But before they can get too over worked their base is under attack as Krang has found them.  Honeycutt wants to get to his family and save them, though he learns that they are locked in when the labs are in use.   He decides to save his family using Sal.

I love everything here!  The display of just how deeply other Neutrion’s feel about this war.  Just how much Dr. Honeycutt feels about his projects and getting them right.  The reaction to an attack from Krang’s army.  The time frame of when this went down.  I can’t get over how this issue just keeps throwing more and more at us.  Though I knew inside he’s going to get trapped in Sal’s body, I did not know what was going to happen with Fugitoid’s family and the suspense keeps me reading the story.

Honeycutt gets into Sal’s body and splits up from the Neutrion working with him to go save his family.  He gets to the controls to release everyone, once they are free, they flee as something really bad does happen here.  With Honeycutt witnessing it all on a view screen.  It’s time for him to get away, as he knows he’s not good if he’s caught.  Honeycutt uses the portal to Earth, and mixes into the human race with his shape changing ability.  Followed by Rock Soldiers who lose him once he changes his forum.

This is just a simply touching and heart wrenching story as we see how things turn out here.  Honeycutt being alone now, trapped in that robot body.  Knowing that he can’t do anything by himself and wanting others to work with him.  The art, the story, the characters... just wow.  I feel for Honeycutt more than I have before, which is hard to say because I’ve always loved the Fugitoid.  Though it’s the Fugitoid I’ve cared about.  Not really his back story, while it had a good strong story to it, it never was the thing I liked about him.  This back story, may become my new favorite history for the Fugitoid.  As it’s got some real heart behind it of just how much it means to him to stay in the fight.

I do not want to spoil who Honeycutt turns out to be, I guessed it as soon as I saw him going to Earth.  Though this is something I think everyone should read themselves.  Pick up this awesome comic at your local comic shop and if you don’t have a local comic shop that you go too, check out Comics & More in Michigan.  They ship internationally!

Have you read this comic?  What are your thoughts?  Please share comments, reviews and questions below!

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