Review: IDW MLP “Friendship is Magic” #2

MyLittlePony02-cvrCMy Little Pony Friendship is Magic is a series that has taken the entertainment business by surprise.  It came in as what people saw only to be another reboot of a well known franchise.  Though they did such a great job on this new series that it brought in adult fans both male and female fans have come forward of all ages.  In November IDW picked up on this series by creating a comic book, written by Katie Cook and based off of the popular cartoon series.  I did a review of the first issue of this fun comic book series, and I’m happy to share my thoughts now on the second issue that came out today.

“The Return of Queen Chrysalis” Part II picks up where issue one left off.  Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy and Applejack are off to save the Cutie Mark Crusaders from Queen Chrysalis.  They have a bit to travel and only three days to get there.  Now that the trip has started the group must make their way through the Appaloosan Mountain.  Twilight remembers that there is a cave that miners use to go through the Mountain and decides that they should stay as a group and head in.

This issue mainly takes place inside the mountain as we see the group of ponies face a handful of problems.  While the first issue they handled well as a group and was able to walk away as a team.  Things get dirty in the middle of the issue as Queen Chrysalis send in some of her minions to make the girls mad at each other. This plan goes over real well, though even when in the middle of their own fight, the ponies have one more challenge to face before they can get out of the cave.

Once again Katie brings us into this fun adventure, as she’s able to keep the ponies all in character to the show.  Andy seems to catch the look and feel of the ponies and their world great.  The two of them are making a very fun book for the fans.  I am very happy with this team up, and I hope the big fans of the series feels the same way.

My personal favorite character in these books so far is the villain, I really like Queen Chrysalis and her reaction to the Cutie Mark Crusaders.  I also like seeing her treating this like a game, playing with the ponies and laughing when they’re having problems.  She’s enjoying her work here and is making for good character growth for the type of personality she has.  My favorite scene is saying she’s not been so entertain in years and the Crusaders naming other more entertaining things.

Are you reading the MLP Friendship is Magic comics?  If so what is your thoughts in how they’re handling it?  Please share reviews, comments, and questions below.

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Picked up #2 here in the UK earlier today, and very happy with it. Maybe not *quite* as stellar as #1, partly because I don't like Katie Cook's cover designs as much as last time's Andy Price ones (it's hard to get variant covers in the UK), but this is still an extremely good comic. Loads of great touches, winks to the fans, etc, but still pretty accessible to new readers. Definitely agree about the Cook/Price team being perfect for MLP:FiM. It'll be interesting to see how well the second four-comic arc does with a different team, before Cook and Price return for the third one.