Review: IDW Secret History of the Foot #3

TMNT_Foot03_cvrAOne thing that us Turtle fans can never get enough of, is a good fight between the Foot Clan and the Ninja Turtles.  Often enough we see them avoid going head into battle with their enemies.  Though every so often we get a fight that stands out for it’s non stop action.  And that is how the newest issue of IDW’s “Secret History of the Foot” is.  A action packed fight scene with our favorite heroes taking on their toughest enemies.  This comic just came out and I have to share my thoughts on how awesome IDW is doing with this story!

This issue brings us straight into another flashback of the Foot’s history.  Saki’s father has found that his book is gone.  Saki has stolen it and was seen heading west towards the mountains.  Knowing that this is bad he has sent some ninjas to stop him. The Ninjas go to stop him, one does a really bad strike upon Saki  as another one is shocked.  This causes Saki to go into action killing the ninjas.  Saki feels he’s been betrayed by his father.

This is a nice build up.  What I like is that when Saki was first surrounded by these Foot ninja his response was not to kill them, but to give them a chance to leave.  He does not go crazy on them till after the one warrior was willing to try and do a killing move on him.  I really enjoyed that fact, it gives Shredder a more human feel.  Something that is sometimes left out of his personality.  We are seeing now how Saki cracked and became the Shredder we know him as.  And just knowing that’s what is in front of us, has me excited to read.

In present time we picked up where issue 2 left off, the Turtles are in the Foot base with a huge fight.  As the Turtles are fighting, Michelangelo realizes he wants a catchy battle cry.  Casey decides to sneak April off to find the Professor they came here looking for.  He thinks that the Professor must only have a few guards with everyone out there fighting the Turtles.  To his surprise the Professor has just as many guards as there are ninjas off fighting the Turtles.  Lucky for him Mike & Don saw they slipped away and come to help in this battle.  Now April and Casey have time to get to the professor.

This is all great action, we get to see them go into fight.  Making their smart comments with each other.  Karai jumping into the action.  Mikey goofing off in the middle of danger.  April and Casey taking it upon themselves to do some work for the team.  What a great entrance to this fight scene!

In the hall Leo and Raph are still fighting the Foot..  Karai is going one on one against Leonardo.  She is throwing personal insults as Raph picks on this as her liking Leo.  He throws some jokes towards Leonardo.  While Shredder is fighting one on one against Splinter.    During this you see Shredder lash out because of the betrayal he feels his father did in the past.

Both of these are key scenes.  Leo is realizing he’s Karai’s target as she is digging comments at him.  Shredder is going after Splinter.  Losing his temper.   I love how they can keep it short and simple, while keeping the emotions packed down inside.  Both the art and words flow together, bringing us through the story as one.

Kitsune has Oroku Saki in the past.  He has a dream of his father killing him.  At this time she informs Saki of his last life.  Of how his father betrayed the clan.  She tells him of their demon that they were allied with.  Saki wants to reclaim the Foot Clan.  Kitsune lets him know that his goals are too small.  As she asks him what he would do for immortality.

I get more excited with each page.  With every panel and every word as we see more and more Saki as a human.  Trying to piece together all of this information being fed to him.  His mind still that of a warrior who thinks he knows what he wants as Kitsune is warping him.  Winning his trust.  And turning him against his father.

The Turtles start to work on getting out of this fight as the Foot are going down.  The Foot is trying to stop them as Raph and Leo cover their brothers in helping them get towards the exit.  Leonardo is getting annoyed with Karai targeting him.  Leo is hurt by Karai but takes her down.  Once outside they’re getting into April’s van.  But Raph is still tied up in the fighting and tells them to leave without him.

Once again I am loving this full comic series.  And I feel that what comes to follow needs to be read in the comic, not through my review.  I will say there’s still some action and of course looks into the past.  And there’s even the first hint of how Karai brought the Shredder back to life!  This is a must read issue.

Mateus Santolouco has been doing a great job with the Secret History of the Foot.  I really do feel that he catches the spirit of the book through his art and writing.  Every issue we’re going through an thrilling adventures with new details and information that keeps pulling us deeper into the full story.  Seeing the Foot’s story unfolds here has been one of our most engaging history lessons through Ninja Turtles Media.  And I’m loving the full ride.  I can not wait for the next part to this fantastic adventure!

Have you read the Secret History of the Foot #3?  If so what is your thoughts on where they’re going with this?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below.

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its neat how in this comic how Raph gets his first bike, i hope it helps them make more vehicles for the comics. Seems like Raph is being more of a flirt in more of these stories. Do you think Kitsune will be in the modern time line?